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Surah 99 AL-ZILZAAL-The final worldwide revolution by mankind for getting themselves rid of harmful and destructive way of life in the world by replacing it with the way of life advised by God for their own unity, peace, progress, prosperity and secure existence with dignity as a proper human community in the kingdom of God.

This surah is named AL-ZILZAAL because the Quran in this surah explains what causes upheaval or turmoil or revolution or changes in human populations, how and why ie in order to replace those already in power or to replace the ways of life people no longer want to live by because they do not get what they need or desire by living by those ways of life. From these small changes will come a big change that will change everything worldwide for mankind forever for the best. That unique change is the Quranic way of life which people will voluntarily adopt to live by after they will have tried every other way of life they could live by but will have failed in getting a blissful, dignified and secure existence in this world. In other words they will have finally come to their senses so they will accept the Quran as basis for the proper way of life for mankind in this world. Once this change occurs from then on all people will become satisfied with the way of life because it will deliver whatever they need and want provided they work for it according to the program, constitution and laws given by God for ensuring their well being through help and full support of each other. All because it is a proper program for meeting purpose of God for creating things as well as needs of mankind and its constitution provides perfect foundation for unity of mankind to begin with and its laws are fair and just that are helpful for regulating a proper human community properly that wishes to self regulate itself towards unity, peace, progress, prosperity and secure existence with dignity as a proper human community in the kingdom of God. This surah also points out to many kinds of changes in this world eg explorations and discoveries by people will keep opening up new horizons for mankind. People will not only discover new materials but also their better and better uses as time goes on. It is because God has placed huge potential in mankind to develop and progress or grow. Later human generations will come to know things the earlier generation could never even imagine. Although the Quran discusses many different things yet its main context is right way of life for mankind which can make their this life truly worth living and it tells mankind there is yet another life to come after this which will be yet more rewarding for mankind if they proved themselves successful in this life. So there are going to be many earthquakes for human beings to go through before they reach a huge earthquake that will turn things right way up for humanity. Till then people must carry on the best they can and they must never lose hope.

Proclaim! In the name of Allah, the provider of psychological, sociological and biological needs of mankind,

1] Saying, bring to your minds the time when the final uprising will hit this world and uproot each and every existing ruling system worldwide replacing it to its very core with that which is revealed by your Creator and Sustainer,

It is important to remember that the Quranic verses have complementary parallel meanings ie here the Quran is talking about changes both in the real world realities as well as in the landscape that is related to social, political, cultural and economic etc changes. The word earth is not just about the planet earth but also about social, political, cultural and economic landscape as well. Moreover the statements in the Quran about uprising are conditional ie if mankind will not learn sense of making proper sense of things and carry on going in the harmful and destructive direction then a tipping point will be reach that such things will happen but if people will realise their mistakes and correct themselves somewhere along the way then what is told will happen, will not happen. For example, if it is said to somebody that if you will take poison you will die but if you will not take poison then you will not die then one can see how this statement is going to work out ie if condition is met then whatever is based on the condition is going to happen otherwise not.

2] that is how this world will get itself rid of its harmful and destructive heavy weights or rulers, money lenders and religious leaders,

These heavy weights are dominant people such as rulers, money lenders and mullahs who together bring in such ruling systems or rules and laws that suit them at the expense of masses who are put through hell by their tricks and mechanisms which they put in place to keep them under their full control for their abusive use or manipulation. These verses also mean that a time is going to come when mankind will explore the world and therefore the world will reveal its resources to mankind to benefit from. Mankind will keep surprising themselves by discovering newer and newer things for their use in the world that will help them progress and prosper. In short when the Quranic verses are looked at from a social point of view they reveal one kind of explanation and when they are looked at in a political context they reveal another kind of explanation and when looked at in economic context they reveal yet another explanation but all these explanations complement each other and give us a complete picture of things despite use of the very same text. This is a highly creative construction of the Quranic text and highly sophisticated one at that. Such a construction of the text cannot be expected of any human being even today never mind 1400 years back in time.

3] so the dominant arrogant person will ask himself, what is happening to this world?

Just like the earthquake upheavals occur or happen or take place suddenly because any little thing can trigger them so rulers or leading people are taken by surprise because a little while earlier they saw all was quiet and ok before sudden break out of violence and riots etc. Same thing could happen in case of wars between countries ie anything could trigger wars between countries in no time, just like individuals all of a sudden end up fighting with each other.

4] In that period of time it will become manifest as to whatever has been happening in this world among mankind and why or how,

There will come about a time when people will have learned enough that will help them know how things have been happening in this world and why.

5] because your Creator and Sustainer set-up the world to work according to His revealed rule of cause and effect.

Things go wrong mainly because almost all people act without considering the consequences for their harmful and destructive thoughts and actions against each other.

6] At that time people will truly feel obligated to proceed in accordance with program, constitution and laws of God so that they are delivered their due outcomes of their hard works in full.

The new world order the Quran is talking about is a self regulated human society based upon revealed guidance of God with everything worked out by people themselves as a huge human family the members of which then follow received instructions for sake of God to ensure they play their parts faithfully according to the best of their God given abilities for their own unity, peace, progress, prosperity and security of existence with dignity.

7] So from then onwards whoever benefits others even in the least will see its result there in full,

8] and whoever harms others even in the least will see its effects in there in full as well.