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As for repetitions in the quran, we are going to begin with a few main stories. Story of Adam 2/30-39, 7/11-25, 15/28-48, 17/61-65, 20/115-127, 38/71-85 etc etc. Story of Noah 7/59-64, 10/71-73, 11/25-48, 23/23-29, 26/105-122, 37/75-83, 54/9-15, 71/21-28 etc etc. Story of Ad 7/65-72, 11/50-60, 26/123-140, 46/21-26, 89/6-14 etc. Story of Thamud 7/73-79, 11/61-68, 26/141-159, 27/45-53, 51/43-45, 54/23-31, 69/4-8 etc. Story of Abraham 2/124-135,258,260, 3/67,95-97, 6/74-83, 11/69-76, 14/35-41, 15/51-56, 16/120-123, 19/41-50, 21/51-71, 26/70-87, 29/16-25, 37/83-111, 51/24-30 etc. Story of Lot 7/80-84, 11/77-83, 15/57-77, 26/160-175, 27/54-58, 29/26-35, 37/133-138, 51/31-37, 54/33-39 etc. Story of Jews is repeated under children of Israel, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus etc etc. See 2/40-100,122,246-251, 5/13-29,44-54,62-89,113-122, 7/103-171, 10/75-95, 18/60-82, 19/2-36, 20/9-104, 23/45-49, 26/10-69, 27/7-14, 28/3-48,37/114-122, 38/29-35, 40/23-54, 43/46-59 etc etc.

In these verses one will also find references to various alleged miracles through various prophets, alleged miraculous destruction of people who did not believe in god and alleged divine salvation from destruction of those who believed etc etc. We are told there exist such invisible beings as angels and they carry out various tasks in the universe but we are not told what are these beings created from and how, or how they fulfil their function, 2/30,34,97,102,121,161,248, 3/13,124, 4/97, 6/9,61,93, 8/9,12,50, 9/26,40, 13/11 15/7, 16/2,28,32, 25/21,25, 32/11, 35/1, 42/5, 47/27, 50/17, 70/4, 79/1-5, 82/10 etc etc. We are told there are such beings as demons and Satan is one of them. These invisible beings have been created from the fire and that these beings have supernatural capabilities ie they can travel through space, they can inspire people and they live a very long life etc etc. Satan lives for ever. See 2/34,36,102,268,275, 3/155,175, 4/60,83,117-120, 5/63,94, 6/43,71,100,112,128, 7/20-22,30,175,179,184,200,201, 8/48, 15/27, 34/12,14,41, 46/18,29, 72/6-12, 113/1-4, 114/1-4.

Some of these verses equally apply to belief in magic as a supernatural power which some people and demons allegedly practice successfully. According to hadith books the prophet was cast a spell and he became affected by it. The suras at the end of the quran are a protection against that kind of evil. There are many other things which are repeated over and over in the quran eg about punishment in hereafter or reward, the day of judgement is coming, god is great, almighty, all hearing, all knowing, all seeing etc etc. All such simple faults in the quran clearly disprove it as divine revelation. Any sensible person could and can produce a better organised book than quran. In fact one only needs to sit down and start reducing the quranic text to a minimum and one will end up with a quran that is less than half the size of what it is now. This shows a prime example of wastage by the author. Another thing one should notice is that the quran talks about at least three distinct groups of people, polytheist, monotheists and atheists. Each of these believe differently ie theists believe in supernatural powers and beings and as a result they use certain words mostly in that sense or context eg miracle or magic etc. Atheists do not take word magic as supernatural power but trick or some kind of deception or slight of hands etc. There are also master and slave issues raised in the quran. The quran encourages fairness between masters and slaves when Muhammad begins his mission yet when he himself assumes power and becomes established he does not bring about fairness and equality between his followers. This has been the case always and to explain what I mean let me bring in an idea about how one human society may have given birth to another.

When original humans came about they had no spoken languages but body languages. Their instinctive interaction between themselves within their own environment led them to an ordered human society as explained elsewhere. When group got bigger and established for a reasonable time, then hierarchically dominant people in the group began to exploit others beyond their limit and so things like that led to separation between people and so to formation of new communities. Each community in the beginning got on with new found freedom but as soon as they became established hierarchy formed again and so same thing happened again and again. When people spread out through out the planet and no more new settlements were possible, things had to change ie rather than people moving away from their clans and tribes they became trapped. They either had to suffer the exploitation or fight back and or find another weaker people to takeover them. Thus wars started within same clans and tribes or near about clans and tribes and so people turned into bigger and bigger groups by overcoming each other or integrating with each other. When tribal groups became too large ie turned into kingdoms, it was no longer easy for one group to take over others totally, so bigger wars began between kingdoms. Likewise one organised religion when it became established it put many people in a seriously disadvantaged position and in order to escape this poverty trap, these people reacted by developing a new ideology, with a bit different systems and practices. This worked for a while but when the community got established, the end result of the process was same and so the cycle repeated itself giving birth to new religions one after the other with a bit of change.

Each time a religion took over a people that broke the chain of existing indoctrination due to violent takeovers. This is why people who have been taken over by various people in their history found it easy to accept new people and their ideas, for others questioned and challenged their ideas already. For example, some countries were taken over by christians then by muslims and you can imagine the changes that would have brought in people as individuals and as a society. Likewise when Arab pagans became fed up with their chiefs and their masters they too wanted a change and Muhammad offered them the lead. In the beginning things went according to plan but as soon as this new group settled down and formed hierarchy things became a bit as usual. What I mean is that originally muslims formed a power base in Makkah as a core group which got many people on its side who were already looking for a way out of Makkan tribal exploitation. As group got bigger people began to search for some place where they could establish a power base. They moved to Abesinia ie Habsha and Madina ie Yathrib etc. Finally the group gathered in Madina and became established in there. When Muhammad established himself with help of his refugee friends he began to takeover Madina himself. This upset the people who were already living there particularly the jews and their chiefs. They thought he would be on their side and so will help them take over Arabs so they supported him but along the way he got sufficient support to establish himself as a great chief in Madina. This started a whole new power struggle but Muhammad managed to get everyone on his side by using the available force that he had gathered. He killed many and enslaved many to make sure he had no more opposition.

Anyway when muslims became established Muhammad made sure they never sat idle to make demands of him that may turn them against him, so he created a strategy of keeping people busy through wars. This brought more people under his control to exploit and more land and resources to make him rich and powerful. So long as muslims followed that idea they went from strength to strength but as soon as others realised what muslims were upto they also slowly began to unite to make united stand against muslims and that is how they managed to stop muslim onslaught. Since then islamic empire went into disintegration. People now began to fight within because the established muslim society was till then living on loot of others and now they could not do that any more and they had no other economic strategy. They still do not and so the in fighting continues due to hierarchy that became established. However, even though demand is there for better life in muslim and nonmuslim states but there has not come about any new religion to take over islam. Moreover, interaction between people and so much exploitation has brought about so much change in people‚€™s minds that they have become a kind of freedom lovers and a bit humanitarians. People are no longer as violent as they used to be except for extremists. Of course, muslims have much more extremism in them than any other people, for they have not suffer the oppression and humiliation the others have who have been taken over by various people in their history. For example, Hindus of India or Jews etc etc. Muslims lost their control in 1914 and regained it in 1947. So that did not give other people much chance to change their mindset. Since then indoctrination continued and will continue unless the more civilised world takes action against it and holds muslims to account. To do so people need to understand organised religious mindset and how it comes about or is brought about so that we could spot it when it is taking place. We must go for a fair and humanitarian society rather than tribal hierarchical religious society that allows abusive exploitation of one people by another. This is what I mean by islam being alright in the beginning but turned out to be a very dangerous cult once it got established and gave rise to islamic hierarchy. That was the time when exploitation of muslims by muslims began and people divided into feudals, priests and destitute people. Muslim feudals spend a lot of money on building mosques and islamic schools and hiring priests to indoctrinate masses in order to use them abusively in the name of religion. I have already explained elsewhere how this mechanism works.

Going back to the quran, word AAYA in Arabic means a verse, a landmark, a sentence, an argument, a sign, a miracle, a proof or an evidence etc. So when one reads the quran one has to see the context of the quran in order to give possible right meaning to the verses. If the quran is talking about atheists than the arguments are either from the atheists or the quran and its followers, so words need to be given appropriate meaning from that perspective. In the quran we are told that some people claim to be prophets, so people ask them for proof. See 2/118, 4/153, 6/8,124, 7/60, 66,70,90,106, 8/32, 9/124,127, 11/12,32, 13/7, 17/90-93, 20/133, 21/5,38,55, 25/7,21, 26/31,154, 28/48, 43/53, 68/15. They allegedly show them miracles ie allegedly god brought about events that are against the laws of nature. We know such things are not possible to happen and they serve no purpose even if they could happen, therefore we know that we have been told lies and so did the clever people of the old.

Thus these so called prophets failed to provide them with any verifiable evidence whatsoever. As a result when these so called prophets claimed that they have received a message from god, people accused them of making things up themselves. See 10/38, 11/13,35, 13/43, 25/41, 29/48, 43/24. Failing that they began relying upon baseless assumptuous arguments ie look at the world or individual things therein and see how they have been created? That is, if god did not create them then who did? Some people then replied, that is the way they have been happening always ie no one created them. Others said, god created them but he does not send any message to anyone, for we or our forefathers are not aware of any verifiable message from god. This they said because no one has ever proved that there is a god and that he has sent any message to anyone.

They do not object to blind faith in god or gods etc but that should anyone force anyone to leave their religion, he must come up with a proof. So if one cannot prove oneself true then the matter is settled ie believe what you like, because they thought there was no other way the matter could be decided one way or the other. See 6/91, 10/36,66 25/43, 53/23, 34/31,43, 26/210, 34/8, 10/78, 11/87, 16/35,43/22, 31/6, 43/23. These people were very civilised as compared to the prophets and their followers, for they respected the freedom of expression. So prophets try in vain. Asking people to produce their proof if they are right see 2/111,113. They say, we do not have any proof but that this is the way people have lived before us and we see no reason to change our way of life. One must also notice here that objections by people have been broken into bits and told about here and their in the quran. This was done deliberately in order to undermine their strength, because if you write them down the way they were put forward by the disbelievers they completely undermine the quran or any other alleged divine scripture for that matter. It shows that no matter how stupid those people might have been in other matters they were certainly not made fool of by Muhammad like so many muslims who ended up following him for all the wrong reasons.

Some times people join forces to fight a common enemy, so perhaps these people saw a better chance of better life joining him than not. The quran also tells about people saying that the quran is collection of ancient stories. See 8/31, 16/24, 21/5, 25/4,5, 27/68. What they are saying is that these stories do not prove divine origin of the quran ie they are not verifiable facts for us alone, for jews, christians and others already know them and so they accuse Muhammad of copying them of jews etc. See 13/13, 40/56, 22/3,8, 31/20, 34/5, 41/40,44,52, 10/94, 16/44,103, 25/4,5. As I already said, Muhammad‚€™s wife was jewish. People did not question Muhammad just for the fun of it but that the questions themselves carry a weight hence they are serious no matter who asked them, of who or why. The evidence of his prophetship does not come from the quran but from himself ie we are told he was illiterate, which is questionable because he was a successful businessman who had already traveled places and met various people long before he proclaimed prophet-hood.

We are told, he never mentioned revelation from god ever before this but his wife was very religious jewish lady and jews do believe in prophets and heavenly revelations, so how could Muhammad be ignorant about this? Remember, the story of first revelation in collection of Bukhari? She takes Muhammad straight to her cousin Warqa Bin Nawaafal. Again that could simply mean he was preparing for this day behind the scenes. Perhaps that is the reason his campaign was so successful in the end because he devised a plan, which took a very long time. People ask him why the quran was not revealed all at once instead of bit by bit 25/32,33, 16/101,105, 2/106, 87/6-7. They realised he was up to something ie he was giving himself chances to come up with answers as and when required and to be able to make necessary changes as and when necessary. Had Muhammad put the whole quran in front of the people at once then people would have come up with new objections and he could not have answered them, for alleged divine revelation would have stopped after completion. God would not need this to happen even if as the quran claims god wanted to make it easy for the prophet.

If that had been the case then god could have taught him earlier and once Muhammad had known the whole quran, he could have brought him before the people to declare it as a whole book. However in case of the quran the main objection simply remains the lack of proof of its divine origin. If there was a proof and the way of proving the existence of god then such information in the quran which only god knew but people could verify once they were told about it then the quran would have satisfied the test and none could raise any reasonable objections against it. Since it is not possible to define proof or set up the truth test for any such claim, the matter remain unproven. One will also see the quran saying, even if I invented it, so what 11/35, 46/8? Muhammad said to people that if you think a man could write a book like this then why don‚€™t you write one like it 2/23, 10/37,38, 11/13, 17/88 etc. The people replied, we can 6/93, 8/31 etc. People never let any challenge go by without answering it properly. Various people gave prophets various names ie poets, magicians, insane, lunatics etc etc. They gave them these names because that is the way they acted according to their understanding eg they pretended to be clever but they were not.

If one looks into the quran, one will see how many tricks Muhammad tries on simple minded people to make them believe eg incentive (ie wealth, slaves and sex in this life through armed robberies or wars and a perfect life in paradise with perfect ladies), fear (ie punishment in this life as well as in the next in hell), baseless assumptuous arguments, salvation ie good people of old saved from disasters, wrath ie evil people of old destroyed etc see 37/15, 21/3, 43/30, 25/30, 46/7 etc. Their people called them poets, because like poets their words were also full of unrealistic nonsense. They called them mad, because even though they could not prove themselves true yet they carried on regardless making people sick through abusing their beliefs etc. They were very much like the bible thumpers or the quran thumpers (ie christian or muslim missionaries) of today. The only answer to such people is to have information like this at hand and spread it through out so that we all could breathe in peace.

Unless we promote our cause with same zeal and vigour, fast and wide and drive them back to their hole they will keep on destroying lives with their falsehood, making life hell for all of us. Whatever these mentally disturbed people say, a sound minded person knows as a matter of fact that one can never believe in anything for which there is no proof, particularly in case of a divine being or religion. So how sound minded are those who say, we believe whole heartedly in our religion when they have no proof nor way of proving their religion true? The quran says, non-muslims believe in conjectures or assumptions but what about muslims etc? You see, muslim after doing so much in the name of their religion could still end up in hell for not believing in god properly perhaps like christians or others. So they lose out either way whether they believe in god or not ie they could still end up in hell for believing in god just like atheists. You remember their argument that atheists are losers if there is god? Well this argument makes both of us equal, so what is the point in having faith in god? Who knows who is right if religion is a matter of faith rather than verifiable certainty? If logic is necessary then it has to be necessary through and through and in that case people like me would be more logical than people of faith. See 10/36,66, 25/43, 53/23 etc. The quran tells us repeatedly that people have been successful in changing the previous divine revelations and that means failure on part of god in ensuring his revelations remained in tact till they had served their purpose for the time and place.

Let us also discuss some verses of the quran which are repeated many many times to get the idea how tricky Muhammad has been. See 2/92 Moses came with clear proofs. When you read verses like this in the quran about any prophet, ask this question, what were they (ie the clearcut proofs)? You will not find the answer in the quran. See 2/209 ie god gave clear signs. Ask, what signs or what were they? See 3/190. We are told that there are signs in the creation of the heavens and the earth and day and night, ask what are those signs and how do they prove to be so, so that we could verify them? You will not find the answer in the quran. Some verses claim that god has revealed the quran who is all knowing all seeing etc. Ask, what is the proof or how do we know that? Because quran does not point out any thing which we could verify so that that could prove to us that god is really there and that he really knows all things and sees all things.

So the obvious conclusion would be there is no god or revelation from god and that Muhammad was a liar who made a false claim in order to deceive simple minded people. See 4/166, 27/6, 25/1, 39/1. If one looks at 3/86, 4/173, 10/13, 6/4, 7/101, we are told that prophets came with clear or convincing proofs from god. Ask, what are they or what were they and how did they prove their claims? Were any of those alleged proofs verifiable for the people at the time? See 6/46,65, 83,88,90,95,104, these verses ask people to assume various scenarios and call to mind their own reactions under those circumstances or they tell how prophets assumed there could only be one god ie in case of Abraham. These verses have nothing to do with proof whatsoever.

When god‚€™s signs are mentioned faith increases in believers 8/2 but what are those signs and how do they increase the faith? A beast will be created that will speak to people 27/82. What will that beast be and what will it say to people or when is not told. In 27/93, 41/53 we are told god will soon show his signs to people but what will those signs be and how would they prove the divine claim? The quran is silent. Surely signs only make sense if they are clearly foretold, not that something happens and then people say, it was a sign from god. A lot of verses in the quran are all about, look at this or that and consider how they were brought about, see 15/16, 45/1-13, 50/1-11, 65/12, 67/1-4, etc etc. See 21/30-31, 41/9-12 etc. Some people think that in these like verses god is telling us how he created universe and life on earth. This is not true. These verses are not giving any verifiable detail about the creation of the universe or life on earth.

In ancient times some people used to imagine skies beyond visible sky. They thought they were like stories of a building with different floor levels with the earth being the ground floor. This is very much obvious from the story of Muhammad‚€™s ascension to heavens and how he was taken from one heaven to the next above it. He had no concept of vastness of universe, the galaxies of stars and planets therein. He thought the universe was just the earth, the skies the visible stars, the sun and the moon. He had no idea whatsoever about the solar system as we know it today. Some thought that heavens and earth were layers like bed sheets or umbrellas one above the other as you see the blue sky and that is how Muhammad saw it and explained it. See books of hadith relating the story of Muhammad‚€™s ascension to heavens. The idea was that each heaven is carried by angels hence there are no visible support or pillars etc. They also thought that at one time they might have been together but now they are apart, because mighty angels raised them by carrying them. There is no detail of how the planets in our solar system might have been together before they were moved apart.

We know that members of our solar system were never together as such but that they formed individually from the gas clouds. Similarly, they observed that all what they know grows with help of water ie it is based on water. The existence of smoke in the sky is to show the darkness at the time of creation when there was no light. The quran says, the throne of god was over the water before the creation even started 11/7. This has been debated in case of christian and jewish scriptures thoroughly. The quran only tries to keep criticism to a minimum but it can‚€˜t due to being full of different kinds of faults. You can see that quran says, god created universe in six days and that is what the bible says. The quran says, god created seven heavens and placed therein sun 78/12-13. The Bible says that god created stars as small lamps after the creation of the earth to throw light on the earth and likewise the quran points out the reason for existence of stars is that people could find their ways around the world etc etc. According to the scientists the stars were already their before the creation of our solar system. Our solar system came to existence as a result of explosion of a star. Moreover this keeps on happening even now. The idea that water was there before the creation of heaven and earth poses same question as in case of torah and gospel etc ie the holy bible.

Ancient interpretations say, the sun is above the seventh heaven. The sun is not given the importance it deserves rather heavens and earth are mentioned as of prime importance and that they are said to be larger in size than the sun. The Bible also tells there was darkness over the face of the deep before the creation. These verses show that earth was created first and then heavens and then the sun like a lamp in a room. The later interpretations of scriptures are based on modern dictionaries and not on ancient dictionaries. If we interpret the quranic verse about the heavens and the earth being together before they were split asunder, it would not mean what some people claim. It would mean that the heavens and the earth were mended or stitched together such as if with a needle and then they were torn apart.

It can be seen with a bit of study that the quran actually tells same story of creation as the bible but because the bible had already been criticised for lack of information in some cases or wrong information in other cases therefore Muhammad tried to edit his book the best he could think. For example, he leaves out the part which tells of god resting on the seventh day. In fact he criticises it saying, god does not get tired or need rest. Remember, Muhammad‚€™s wife was Jewish and he was only teaching their stories to Arabs. On the other hand even if we agree for a minute that the quran is full of verifiable scientific facts then what are they and how can we verify them or in what sense or respect? Moreover were people to whom the quran was sent able to do so and are there sufficient number of such facts still in the quran for the confirmation of the generations to come till the day of judgement, for quran is supposed to be for all and for ever till the end of the world? Does quran explain creation of universe in 21/30 or the creation of a particular galaxy? Or is it describing the creation of our solar system? Each of these were separate and distinct creations at different times. In 41/9 we are told god created the earth in two days. He set up the earth for habitation in four days. The question is, if it took god six days just to create the earth from start to finish then how long it ought to take god to create the whole universe? We are then told that god took only two days to create seven heavens and all that is in them ie stars etc. The question is, which of the two creations ought to take longer?

The other thing we are told here is that god created the whole universe in eight days from start to finish or as muslims say six days but that too is not right because our solar system came about from a destroyed star which already existed for billions of years before the creation of heavens and the earth even began, so how do we explain that? These verses clearly state that the whole universe was created at the same time and there is no concept of dying stars since the creation and recreation etc instead the quran tells us that the only time when stars will be destroyed is the time when the world would be ended. So there is a clear contradiction or disparity between what the quran states the universe is and what the observed universe is. How the universe came about and how much time was involved. Likewise there is strong difference as to how members of our universe are coming to end of their existence as well as creating new stars etc etc. So the quran is clearly wrong in what it says about the universe when tested against observed universe.

All the facts mentioned in the quran were already known to people in time of Muhammad in the sense they are mentioned in the quran. This is the reason all things are used as an argument to prove existence of a god. For example, variety in languages the people speak, fruits people eat, living things people come across, in colours of people. We are told there are proofs or signs or clues in these like mentioned things that there is a creator. What are those signs or clues we are not told nor how they prove the claims in the quran. They are simply assumptuous arguments to promote the design theory. In the creation of the heavens and the earth, the day and the night and the seasons etc etc there are signs for those who think, observe or are wise but what are they? These clues to which the quran points are only baseless arguments and nothing more, which in fact disprove the quran as a divine revelation, for god cannot and should not use such like void arguments to try and prove his point.

This type of arguments could only and only come from people who simply want to use guesswork to argue existence of god for which there is no verifiable divine testimony. This is why such arguments disprove existence of god rather than proving it. God ought to prove himself as explained and then simply tell the people what to believe or not to believe and what to do or not to do. He cannot be expected to get involved in senseless unending circular arguments with them, because if clear cut proof is there and the clearcut way to prove it is there then there is no need for such arguments, for true divine revelation can never be replaced by baseless conjectures. Likewise god ought to prove his claims rather than making insulting remarks about other religions or beliefs that are found in all the alleged divine scriptures. For example, the quran says that Abraham broke the idols of idolaters or that prophets insulted polytheists in different ways by insulting their idols. Beside objective perfection of universe, had there been stated in the quran verifiable facts for the people throughout then that would have proved there is a god who knows everything and has created everything and that the book with such information is definitely from god of the universe. Since universe is no where near perfect nor is there anything within the universe that could be pointed out as perfect, therefore this proves there is no god.

The quran is full of repetitions yet fails to explain even the essentials in detail ie its ideology is incomplete and so are the systems and practices that go with it. It contains commandments without the necessary explanations to go with it. This is why people are fighting over these things, because the hadith accounts are unreliable and are different in different hadith books hence the sects. Unfortunately despite this some people are ruining there own lives as well as lives of billions of others and this has to stop, because it is diverging and deflecting people from their goal in this world without any basis whatsoever

As Muhammad is allegedly told by god to say that if god had a son I will be the first to worship him 43/81, so would I be the first to worship god if there was one. It is nobody‚€™s fault if there isn‚€™t any god and we shouldn‚€™t assume one on the basis of baseless conjectures or assumptions rather we should concentrate on how to make our lives worth living. I know it is very difficult to live without a belief system that you lived by almost all of your life due to indoctrination but we need to get over it through learning and moving on. If we have become aware of the fact that we have made a mistake in our life then let us learn the lesson from it and move on. At least from now on we can try and believe the right thing and do the right thing.