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In India for example, there were all over so called sunni muslims but things changed when Shah Walli Allah Muhaddis Dehlavi went for Hajj and came back with idea of Wahabi islam. His grandson Shah Muhammad Ismail Dehlavi was killed in promoting this cause. This is what led to creation of Deoband relgious school and later Ahlal Hadith religious schools. Syed Abul Ala Maududi of Pakistan was well known internationally for promoting wahabism in Pakistan as well as elsewhere in the world through organised islamic missionary machinery. He was the founder of JAMAAT-E-ISLAMI. These people could have organised muslims to concentrate on their economic needs rather than wasting their time and money on lost causes. They could have created proper schools, colleges and universities that could have produced people who could lead nations to progress and prosperity. Muslims are indoctrinated to look for enemies outside when nothing works for them due to not looking at where the problem might be. By picking wars against infidels, situation can only get worse for muslims. It is time for muslims to accept the fact that islam has deluded them and took them along the wrong road so they have ended up losing both worlds.

Some of you might say, why am I criticising islam and muslims etc etc. Let me explain. You see when religion is a spiritual thing ie nonphysical thing for someone personally then as I stated right at the beginning I have no business in criticising it, for how would I know what some one believes or what some has experienced in life that turned him or her so. Even if some one talks to me about his personal beliefs he will only tell them to me for a reason. May be he will ask me, what do you think of this or that idea or what are your personal beliefs in this or that matter? I will have to tell him what I think of it. He may accept my answer or reject it but we both will be happy. When some one discusses with me his understanding of things with my understanding of things to see whether his ideas are better in making sense of things or mine then again we both need to be open enough to say what we think and why etc etc. In this case if there are already some relevant ideas floating in the air we can discuss them as well for their worth. The criticism is always inevitable because that is part and parcel of scrutiny. You cannot have an uncritical opinion about anything. The criticism is only wrong when question is about one thing and you start criticising something else that has absolutely nothing to do with the matter under consideration. Moreover criticism must not be in an offensive manner nor a result of tit for tat arguments. It has to be constructive ie to show that if something is right, why it is right or if something is wrong, why it is wrong in your view and even how it might be put right if possible. Superstition has no bounds but the case of missionary organised religion is different still, for it is said to be a system of government for this world.

So when muslim missionary propagandists preach islam to indoctrinate people dogmatically, it is in that context ie they preach to get converts to support them in creating their utopia state. Then their spiritualism suddenly turns physical and they take their religious laws very seriously even in matters relating to physical world. I am well aware of the muslims who claim to be secular but they are only a few and far between as compared to millions who are found in every street corner looking for supporters to create an ideal islamic state free of all problems. They do not realise that problems do not go away just by changing the label of the state eg from Iran to islamic republic. Muhammad did not call his area of jurisdiction, an islamic republic, as far as I am aware. The problems will only go away when you realise them and identify them and do what needs to be done to get rid of them. Ideological problems can only go away by making changes in ideology, partly or completely. Likewise political problems can only go away by making political changes. If problems are caused by a law, you cannot get rid of them unless you change the law. There is no point in changing the judges. You have got to look at each and every link of a system to see where the problem is. Moreover you need to know what the problem is and what is not a problem. Something that one person may see as a problem the other may not. This is where criterion becomes necessary but what should be the criterion? Religion or science, imaginary world or the world in which we live and die? Issues that matter in this world here and now or issues that are creation of our imagination for the world somewhere else?

So as I was saying the criticism of islam becomes necessary and inevitable consequence when it is presented as a political system for governing a state. In fact it lends itself to criticism and serious examination. Why? Because when you enter your religion for political race it will be scrutinized like politics, as a system, structure or practice and as an aspect of these to see whether it is at all capable of delivering what it promises to deliver and how will it deliver it. Now people such as get upset by scrutiny of their religion by others shouldn’t bring it into the political arena in the first place or they should be ready for taking aboard the criticism as well. Religious political system then will be compared with other political systems ie like for like to see which will suit people better in solving their problems. If religious system fails in satisfying people in any respect then they will definitely choose the system that will be better for them. This is evolution at work in politics. Educated people can no longer be fooled into believing the unbelievable.

9) I was talking about islam as a way life and the quran as a constitution. According to my understanding of the quran islam is no way of life and the quran is nothing like any kind of constitution let alone divine. If anything it is all tribal social concept and culture. I would like you to think the same way about hindu scriptures, christian scriptures etc etc. They are all exactly the same in all the main constitutional aspects. The quran does not list total number of goals that you should have for ever, does it? Any goals the quran lists for you are not perfect but confusing, aren't they? Do you not believe me? Fine. List the goals and their priority order if you think the quran is a perfect divine guidance. The quran does not list for you all aspects of the islamic political system, does it? The ones it lists are not perfect but confusing, aren't they? Do you not believe me? Fine, list the aspect of the islam political system eg islamic state structure, islamic government structure, type of islamic government system, election/selection method for the government personnel, rules and regulations, rights and responsibilities of administration and the muslim membership at large, the necessary power balancing mechanisms between ruling body and the people ruled, monitoring system for fault detection and fault correction method, structure of welfare system etc etc. Like I said dear brothers and sisters, do not waste your time in promoting wrong things. If you are really interested in the betterment of humanity do good for yourself and others. Propagating dogmatic indoctrinational islam is purely and utterly waste of time and perhaps dangerous.

Look at islamic social structure. It is tribal and that is why it is a JIRGA system called SHOORA in Arabic. In this system tribal chiefs decide for the rest of the people. The super chief or chief of chiefs comes from the strongest tribe just like the individual tribal chiefs ie they are most powerful people from amongst their own tribe people. Look at islamic law 2/178, 5/48 etc. It is clearly tribal. Read the verses saying, a freeman for a freeman, a woman for a woman, a slave for a slave. Do you know the context in which this quranic text makes sense? It goes something like this, if a person from one tribe kills a person from another tribe then recompense will be like for like ie it is tribal justice my brothers and sisters. If a slave of one tribe kills a freeman of the other tribe then an alike freeman will be killed from the tribe of the slave in return to make the two tribes equal. If a freeman of one tribe kills the slave of another tribe then the slave of the other tribe must die in return to settle the score to make things equal. This justice is not that the killer will be killed for murdering the victim, though not that that would make things any better. Anyhow the idea is, If you kill a member of my tribe then I must get one alike member of your tribe killed in return to make us even. This means the tribal chief is such a powerful man that he has all his people under his thumb and is able to kill any innocent person to pay the price for the mistake of one of his people. Please, read the quran with a bit more attention before telling others about it. Have you looked at inheritance law in the quran? That too is tribal. Son gets doubt then daughter. When I ask my muslim friends why? They tell me because daughter is looked after by her brother in her father's house or that she is looked after by her husband if married. Since responsibility rest with the males for looking after females therefore females do not need equal share.

The problem is that if females are looked after by males then they become like children therefore why give them any share at all if all their needs are met anyway? If they do have need for share then why not equal share? Moreover even if males are responsible for their female yet it does not go against female having equal share because when they are living with their husbands or brothers they can pool their money together with their partners for their common needs. That is the more sensible way that does not cause any problem for anyone whereas other way round there are more problems. For example, if sisters stay with one brother, his responsibility of spending increases whereas others have the equal share in inheritance but no responsibility for their sister. Now yet another problem is that if we give females less share than males then that directly results in social injustice as well as financial inequality and causes increase in gap between the rich and the poor. How? Well let us say there are two families who have children, boys and girls. Let say their children get married to each other. If both families are equally rich or poor, they both do not lose anything to each other nor do they gain anything of each other and so their children end up having same amount of wealth. However, if one family is poor and the other rich then things have very serious consequences. The rich boys marry poor girls who bring little or nothing at all. Likewise, rich girls marry the poor boys, what happens? The girls bring only half of wealth as compared to their rich brothers. This has resulted in big financial difference between the rich brothers and their rich sisters. Boys have ended up better than girls. This will affect the pairs yet more when they will have their children. So you can clearly see islamic system of inheritance is worse than capitalism, for it is seriously biased against the slaves and females, for females too are treated like slaves in male dominated islamic tribal system. Islam excludes poor and weak. It does not redress natural problem eg let say a rich father leaves behind two boys, each inherits half of their father’s wealth. Now they have their own children, one has one son but the other has ten sons. When they receive their inheritance of their fathers, one son is going to end up with much more wealth than his cousins ie ten time.

I can tell you that zakaat or banning interest does not and cannot compensate for such financial inequalities that result from islamic tribal customs and laws or nature. Our mothers, sisters and daughters work hard yet their contribution is not recognised. They work in the house ie cooking and cleaning etc etc. They work in fields, feed animals, weave beds, chairs, carpets, clothes etc etc yet only get food and clothes in return for so much work. Can you still not see tribal master slave mentality and customs or laws at work here? What kind of fathers, brothers, sons, husbands are we? If this is what tribalism has done to us that that is how we treat those who do good for us, what hope is there that we will treat any better the strangers? These evils are staring us in the face and you couldn’t miss them even if you were blind so to speak. Here we are talking about social science ie sociology. The quran fails us in here as well. We the atheists are definitely not evil people with a view to destroy our religious brothers and sisters, it is just that religion are not true yet people are willing to destroy their own lives as well as of others in the name of religion or spirituality. The reason we speak out against missionaries is that if we do not speak out now they will keep doing more and more of those bad things which they are getting away with. If you people are truly for humanity then show it by condemning all bad acts of such religious people as destroy many innocent people.

If not, are you missionary islamic propagandists looking for converts for cause of Allah to established an islamic utopia state? If you are, I suggest that you define the proof that would prove your claim that Allah really exists. I also suggest that you define the way of proving your claim as well as prove your claims. Failing that you would prove yourselves liars not others who challenge your false claims. When you define the proof and the way of proving your claim remember! The nature of your proof and the nature of the way to prove your claim need to be consistent with the nature of your claim. If Allah was not an imaginary god, he would have thought about these things before he sent his message. In my opinion the quran is word of Arabian tribal people. Do you know why? Because it contains inheritance laws that are tribal at best or nonsense at worst. Look at quran as an islamic constitution ie as an islamic ideology, as an islamic political system, as an islamic social structure, as an islamic culture, as an islamic economic infrastructure and as an islamic practice. In all these aspects the quran is fatally flawed. You tell me that islam is a complete system of life but the quran has none of the aspects of the islamic constitution complete. If anything they are confusing. How can islamic system of life be perfect if the quran throws responsibility of guidance back on you ie everything is left to you to make things up as you go along as you please, is this how a guidance flow chart should look like? Think about it. If you have to travel from a to b and you do not know the way amongst many ways and I tell you, do not worry my friends I will guide you and then I give you the pen and the paper and tell you start walking and draw the map as you go along, would this be sufficient guidance for you? What would you think of me if I did that?

Now apply the logic to the holy book, yourselves and Allah. Don't be fooled dear brothers and sisters, learn to be wise. If you still think that islam is a complete way of life, can you get a statement from the quran or hadith telling you, how you should perform prayer when you are on the moon? Do not tell me now that you have guiding rules whereby you can decide how to pray on the moon. Arriving at a commandment by way of some other complicated process is not the same as having a clearcut commandment stated in the book, or am I wrong? This is science of jurisdiction in which the quran fails muslims very badly. Now don't tell me that if Allah had revealed all the commandments for ever then the quran would have become a cumbersome scripture, because you have hadith, tafseer, sharah of hadith, fiqh and sharah of fiqh books just as well anyway which make islam no less cumbersome, do they? Moreover if everything was in the quran you would have been saved from fighting with each other as to which meaning of scriptural text is correct according to which guiding rule and which in not, so you see, Allah got you cumbersome scripture anyway yet this whole thing fails to serve as a complete or perfect guidance. It clearly shows no guideline of anyone is perfect enough to need no further explanation. Humans cannot be guided by mere guidelines this is why state constitutions are huge pieces of written guidance for governments and their people. If we cannot make perfect systems and structures for living in this world according to allegedly perfect divine guidelines then what makes us sure that we have everything right as regard the hereafter? It may well be that we are deluding ourselves in the name of imaginary god. When is an imperfection in religious scripture really an imperfection for the religious people to make them see that they are wrong? What would you accept as proof that religion is a manmade thing? Because all flaws mentioned seem to be no flaws as far as religious people are concerned, so when is a flaw a real flaw and what is the criterion for measuring any flaw?

There was time when education was only for the masters but by now people from low castes and classes have become educated as well and they have become systematic and methodical in their thinking therefore religion is beginning to lose its grip on people here and there everywhere except amongst closed societies, which are by and large muslim. As soon as bans are lifted on materials which are thought to be harmful for people by their landlords or theocrats religions will be put in their place. As things stand no free discussions are allowed as regard islam by muslim states anywhere in the world. Not because they are bad for people but because people will become educated and begin to see the light of the day and so the feudals and religious chiefs will lose their status as masters over their slaves. These facts can be verified in states like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Saudi Arabia or Morocco etc etc. Poor and destitute are given the impression that islam will solve all their worldly problems. No one will sleep hungry nor go naked, for we will all be very caring and sharing. My problem with that is obvious, if you have nothing to share then you cannot share it and if you do not have anything to share, you are left with none to care.

Allah is definitely not going to drop bundles of sustenance on an islamic state he never did when Muhammad began his religious mission. In fact he began working for a jewish lady with whom he later got married well before he began his mission. Not only that but he was introduced to the lady by his uncle who also used to work for her. People always had to create their own living. If all people sit in the hope of something impossible it will not happen. So if muslims want a good life in this world they must follow the rules of this world. Islam does not offer any systems or solutions for life in this world therefore it should be accepted as such. This is why muslims should follow religion in matters concerning god but not concerning this world. These two things are completely separate or Allah ought to reveal the perfect way for living in this life and we would have found it quite clearly states in the revelations so to speak. The lack of perfect guidance for being successful in this world is proof enough that Allah is not bothered how people create their daily living. Moreover if Allah had told people how to live their lives successfully in this world then we did not need to write our own constitutions or invent ideas, systems and structures or practices ourselves, did we? Even we nonmuslims will be stealing information from his scriptures, for we would not be able to outwit Allah no matter what? Just think about it that if you did something better than me and were willing to share it with me, am I bitten by a mad dog that I will waste my time and effort to try and do the same thing for no reason at all? Should I not be doing something else instead to make things better rather than creating something that has been already established? You can see how much money we spend on trying to stop copyright infringements or on spying to steal the ideas of others. I assume that you are well aware of CIA or KGB etc etc. If people are religious out of choice that is fine but muslims are not religious out of choice and I am well aware of this.

You see if I want to be religious then I can only be religious the way I am. I can never be religious the way you are, for we are two different people from a to z. I have my own concepts about each and everything that I know and you have yours. For example, even if I was a believer in a god I would still have my own ideas about god and they would definitely not be exactly the same as yours. Likewise will be the case as regard each and every verse in the quran. If you include or exclude people from religion just because one person’s views are different from the other, there is no one left in the inclusion zone other than yourself. That is exactly what religious people have been doing for thousands of generations hence the sects and sectism. In Pakistan Ahmadies were declared out of the bound of islam and the Saudis also do not let them in for Hajj. Sunnies and shias are blowing up each other etc etc. In some muslim states people are killing nonmuslims. Religious hatred has no limits. Extremist hindus are killing muslims and christians in India, for example. Crusades and jihads, I do not need to say anything. I just hate us and them mentality, of course with negative connotations. I would like peace and love to be given a chance. Anyway it is important to see my other concerns about religions in this context. Again I will try to be systematic and methodical for sake of clarity but I hope you will overlook my silly mistakes, for none of us is perfect.

Religion as I see it, is a mechanism of rich and powerful for control and exploitation of the destitute and in that context I would like you to imagine my point of view about religious commandments. Please try and imagine the other side of the story and see how far it is right to think the way I do?
Think of religions including islam as the organised belief systems invented by dominant people as mechanisms to exploit the unfortunate amongst us. Do you know the state of mind of destitute people of that time? They were born ignorant and were kept illiterate and indoctrinated. Let me explain a bit. Let say, you represent powerful people and I destitute. You are a clever wealthy person who wishes to make me work for you, and I am an illiterate and ignorant but physically stronger person than you. I am saying this because rich and powerful people are much less in numbers in the world than poor and weak people. Since ignorant people have no knowledge therefore they cannot assess their strength nor use it effectively. In fact the relationship between us is that of a grown up and a child. Now think how and why a child can be so easily manipulated by the grown up. For exactly the same reason and know-how the clever people are able to make fool of simple minded people. It is in the interest of the master to make people think that the religion is a good thing.

Being an ignorant person I am forced by my circumstances to trust you, for I earn my living by working for you. Thus it is master slave relationship already. Now if you tell me that there is a god then I will believe you, for I myself am unable to reason things out for myself. Also you will have rich and powerful people backing you up on all this and that would appear to me that if these people are saying all this then what I am being told must be true. See if grownups want kids to do something, they can make them do it by such tricks eg take a bitter medicine. Moreover it is in my interest to go along with you to win favour in your sight. Once I believe in god then you will tell me what that god wants me to do, giving me the false sense that whatever I will do I will be doing it for god. Now bring in the commandments like you shall obey my messenger without question or anyone whom he puts incharge over you. Once a person believes in these two commandments he becomes a slave to the master in the name of god. Now you shall not steal. The question is who is bound to steal, you or I? Obviously I am the one who is destitute who has the need for stealing. Why do I need to steal? Because you, my master, do not pay me fairly for my days work. You shall not lie. Who needs to lie after being seen stealing, you or I? It has to be me. You shall not kill. Who may kill, you or I? I may end up killing someone who may try to stop me from getting away after stealing or that I may kill you in order to steal your things.

You shall not take your own life. Who is more likely to commit suicide, you or I? It has to be, me. Why? Because I am the one who is dying every day to make ends meet and one day I might get so fed up with this carry on that I may end up killing myself. Why should it matter for you to save me? Obviously, if the slaves start committing suicide you will lose the workers and therefore you lose your business which is your livelihood. You shall pay poor’s due. This commandment is for the rich and the poor alike. For the poor so that he remains a destitute after giving away whatever little he has and so remains a slave for the master. If poor get the sense of sticking together and working for themselves then rich will no longer have any slaves left and so they will lose out. As for the rich masters, this is a clever business investment. How? Well, to make money you must spend some as well in the hope of making more money. So the master spends a little on the slaves to keep them alive, for dead slaves are no use to him, are they? Next he spends some on building temples and paying priests to keep his slaves indoctrinated with dogmas so that they remain obedient and have no sense or freedom to think for themselves. He will spend on some religious schools as well so that children of slaves are ready to serve the masters by the time they grow up a bit.