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Now how does it work? Organisers of organised religion made arrangements for people to claim they are god incarnates or gods or prophets of god/s etc etc and that they could work miracles etc etc. They built temples and religious schools and placed priests in them as incharge to carry out their planned work. The king or the tribal chief had the power over all his subjects and likewise the priest or religious chief had the power over all his followers. No one could question the authority of these people who was not meant to or he will not live to see the answer. Moreover people who were all in it themselves why would they question the authority of each other? Why powerful people exploit destitute people? Well no one likes to work for oneself if one could find someone else to do it for him. The best way is, make slaves of others and be a master but if that is not possible for some reason then why not make fool of others if you can and make them work for you that way. As I said already, it is quite easy to make fool of people who do not know much anyway and that they depend on you for their livelihood anyhow. Once people are made to believe in god which many already did then next things was to tell them what god wants them to do so that he is happy with them and rewards them with another life of some sort or else he would be angry and punish them.

Now here is what god wants people to do or not to do. They must believe in their lord god whole heartedly without any doubt whatsoever. That is fine and looks very innocent commandment on the face of it. There is no proof but does it matter? Yes, it does, for then one will really be able believe in a god. But that is not the point here. The idea is that if it could be successfully implanted in the mind of a person that there is a god then you can make him do anything you like in the name of that god ie we are talking about systematic indoctrination under duress of dogmas. So anyone caught questioning the idea is punishable by death. The next order is, you must believe in the authority of the divine messenger or whoever he appoints and question him not, for that is a mark of disrespect, which is also punishable by death. This clearly sets the position of a religious chief above everyone else for good. Once this is instilled in the mind of a person he will do as told no need for any further orders from on high for anything that may need doing from now on. Now the rest of the commandments follow. You shall not steal. Looks very nice in the scriptures. Well, who needs to steal? The rich and powerful or the destitute? You shall not lie. Who needs to lie after stealing? You shall not kill. Who needs to kill who? When one steals and is seen stealing he may try to run away and in the process may end up killing the person who may try to stop him. Remember, laws are needed to protect those who cannot protect themselves ie the weak and the poor. Nowadays laws are evolving in this direction but that was not the case originally, for these laws were for the protection of the rich and powerful. All others do is to force rich and powerful bit by bit to concede their power. As rich give ground bit by bit and the poor take the ground bit by bit laws will become fairer and fairer till everyone is really equal before law with equal rights and responsibilities. Equality before law is not the question here but that, is law really based upon fairness for all or not?

The masters are using their slaves abusively ie getting people to work very hard but pay them very little. On top of this the man is told, worry not about tomorrow god will take care of tomorrow. The idea is obviously to discourage slaves from saving anything lest they become independent of their masters and so they lose slaves or workers. If god was to take care of his tomorrow he should have done so for his today as well. Poor people when they get fed up with their lives they want to commit suicide, for life does not seem to such a person worth living. There comes the commandment, you shall not take your own life. Why not? Because if slaves start killing themselves where the master is going to get his workers from? The money the masters make on the backs of slaves, some of it is reinvested in form of building temples to keep people indoctrinated through priestly lectures which these people must attend and for this they are given the time off. Masters also build religious schools for destitute people‚€™s kids, so that they could be indoctrinated right from the beginning and be ready by the time they are able to do things for the masters. Some money is also put aside for the poor to keep then alive so that masters do not lose the work force through starvation etc. In other words people are just kept alive to serve their masters. This is how powerful people pull the strings from behind the scenes. They show up in temples to see how successful is their mission and to give the impression to the destitute that they too believe like them etc etc. They make sure their children have proper education so that they too could become masters of tomorrow‚€™s children of the destitute people. The affect of indoctrination for thousands of generations cannot be removed over night. The slave mentality stays with you for a long time to come even if masters are gone. If in doubt ask, people of Indian origin how they look at British people today even after three four generations? The British Raj lasted in India for less than a century. Compare it to religious Raj that has lasted for several thousand years at least. It too ought to have some affect and for some time.

7) When people are exploited beyond their limit they slowly begin to realise what may be going on but there comes that commandment that you shall not abandon your religion. Now should you do that the punishment for this shall be death. Yet another trap to keep slaves from running away. But at times masters decide to expand their business or people want to free themselves even if it means death and sometime they succeed and so need arises for more slaves and there comes the new command, you shall spread the word of god as far and wide as possible by all means. This is the origin of the missions and continues to date. When things get out of hands of masters and the slaves also begin to feel the brunt of it, diversion of attention of slaves from the masters becomes necessary so there comes the commandment you shall fight the enemies of your lord god. Thus chief religious bigots of one religion set their followers against the followers of another religion and so die many innocent people.

Sometimes things get out of hand and separation between people becomes inevitable, so some people leave their main group and form a separate community and thus comes about a new religious community with a slightly different religious beliefs. How does this start? Well naturally people at bottom of the pile are already fed up with the existing social order and want to change things and as victims of masters increase in numbers there comes a time when group is big enough to start out on its own with the help of a leader and a situation that triggers the move. It is like grown up children are leaving their parental home. Once the move starts it takes time for these people to establish themselves again, for it is a new beginning for them. As time passes once again the instinct based hierarchical order begins to emerge and over a period of time new masters and slaves begin to emerge. Thus comes about a new religion and after some time history again repeats itself thus one religion gives birth to another. As the new organised religion emerges it may become more popular so it may become powerful enough to take over the followers of the old religion.

As one religion takes over the other violently the subdued followers become unstable in their old faith and become a bit suspicious of the new faith as well which over a period of time helps them become a bit more open minded and bit more open to accepting change. The struggles, debates and discussions between religions thus pave the way for more liberal views and change for the better. This is how separation between religion and state idea came about after original organised religion changed so many times under different names. Each change cuts down some very bad beliefs and practices of the original form of original religion. Sectism in religions is a kind of mechanism for initiating change for the better, for it helps a little bit in opening up the religion for debate on various issues that matter for people in the very same religious community. Obviously there is bound to come a time when religions become thing of the past so the religion that takes over the world at the very end of this spectrum would become a very serious challenge indeed, for there will not be any more religion to bring any further change by that means ie violence so a new kind of system is bound to come about. This is the case in case of religion known as Islam. If we take hinduism as the original form of organised religion then parsi-ism would be its next form and judaism thereafter. That gave way to christianity which in turn brought about Islam. Original hinduism was polytheism, pluralism, dualism, pantheism and monotheism all in one. Parsiism is a bit different from hinduism and so is each and every religion from the others. Pantheism is known as wahidatul wajud concept and has been debated by Ibn Arabi, a leading advocate of sufi branch of islam. I am not going to go into detail of it because it seems irrelevant at the moment.

When religions crowded our world and nature of struggle between rich and poor changed there came about a new ideology known as secularism. How it came about? Well world has been changing since its beginning. As human population increased people were forced to become producer of things themselves rather than living on natural provisions. As time went by population continued increasing that forced people to use new ways and means of production. This led to development of better and better technology and scientific methods and as a result people were forced to have education for this purpose. Now, when a person becomes educated he begins to think scientifically and therefore arose the idea of critical study of all sorts of ideas and things. Thus people began to change. Since science and technology increased speed of getting things done quicker and better the process of change also became faster and faster. Nowadays it is no longer as easy as it used to be to make fool of people so this put an end to creation of such new religions as could take over people any more. The only problem now is how to get rid of already existing organised religions. All religious societies have become secular by now and their majorities have endorsed the separation of religion and state save islam and muslims. Islam though followed by many people is full of many sects and is no longer any single concept. In fact some voices are beginning to emerge for islamic secularism as well. Of course nothing can turn back the clock and islam too will meet its fate in its own time as education begins to take root in muslim states as well. In my opinion time has come for muslims to move on with time like the rest of humanity.

As people become educated they begin to see the exploitative nature of organised religion and that is why they leave it alone for a great majority of educated people are no longer deceptive, unfair minded nor violent. There are many movement in the world today about human rights and even animal rights etc etc. That was never the case ever in thousands of years of religious history. Not because nasty thing did not happen but that they were norm of the time. The world is not better because of organised religion but because of people who always took a stand against it. In this context one has to judge all the religious leaders who are accredited with undeserving credit. Not that they do not deserve any credit at all but only what is due. It is absolutely wrong for hindus to credit Rama and Krishna etc for all the good in the word and same is true in case of Zarathustra, Moses, Budha, Vardamana, Jesus, Muhammad and Nanak etc etc. Moreover it is wrong to credit only one person ie the leader but also those who helped ie me and you. As I already said that no human is perfect and none of us can be all good all the time so the very people who are credited for good may also have done some bad as well. There is plenty of evidence even within the scriptures themselves that people who are believed to be gods or prophets have been doing thing that are really shameful. If anyone is in doubt I can discuss them but they do not seem to be relevant to my discussion at the moment. Please remember I am expressing my understanding of things which are not mean to offend anyone. If anyone is offended by way of my understanding of things one should not be, for that is not my intention. My intention is to clarify why I am an atheist or why I am not a religious person like yourselves. Just as you have every right to express your opinion as to why you are religious and what is good in religion and what is bad about not being religious etc etc, I too should be allowed to express what is good about atheism and what is wrong with religion or in this case Islam.

I would now be discussing islam, quran, hadith, fiqh, tafaseer and sharahs etc etc. The explanation so far would help you understand the context in which I am talking. So any criticism of my context should not be a bit out of here and bit out of there. That would be meaningless because I have very clearly stated that my explanation is merely my own theory which if your theory proves to be right, will automatically become wrong. You do not need to prove me wrong all you need to do is prove your explanation is perfect, for you claim that your knowledge is based upon perfect heavenly teaching whereas mine is not. If I understand that your claim is true after a perfect explanation from your side, you will have one more muslim brother. If however we both fail to convince each other then we have already agreed to disagree.

Are my assumption worth considering? See the story of Abraham in the quran ie what he says when he sees a star in the sky, then moon and then the sun 6/75 etc etc. In the quran there are many verses which call upon the reader to reflect upon things to make assumptions. One must realise that these verses are not telling us to analyze each and everything in any depth by way of dissection etc so to speak but just to look at them as complete units or systems. These are part of argument called design argument. The quran is making assumptions that these things will seem to the reader to have a design and then the readers conclusion is also assumed to be that they must have been created by a god. So one can see even the quran supports making assumptions. These assumption have nothing to do the scientific assumptions ie hypothesis. In scientific hypothesis you first observe a physical thing in as much detail as possible for making further hypothesis about the physical things for further investigations by means of experiments if need be to verify the guesses you have made about the physical things. That is not the case in the quran because the quran does not tell us what will we find in a thing if we opened it up. For example, the quran says, look at the camel, how was it created? If this direction was for us to scientifically analyze the camel then we would also need to know what the purpose of this exercise is ie what are we trying to verify by doing that. Anyway people used to kill and eat camels, so probably they knew what was camel made of already. This is only for clarification and not an argument against the quran. The point of quoting the quran was to show that making any assumptions whether they prove to be right or wrong is not wrong.

8) Islam and the quran remain unproven as divine by muslims as well as disproved by nonmuslims, for existence of god and his revelation is impossible to prove, for such things have no physical existence. Moreover as explained already the world is changing all the time. Why world changes? Because it is evolving in all respects eg our population is increasing and as our population increases it creates new problems and they require new solutions. This means we need a dynamic ideology that is continually evolving with time not static. Islam is a fixed ideology and no fixed ideology can have dynamic systems nor dynamic practices. Hence religion has no answers to our problems and so we must look elsewhere for the solution of our problems. In other words either we stop the world from changing in order to keep it relevant to religion or the religion must change to keep relevant to the changing world. Since neither is possible therefore there comes about the need for a completely new thinking on this matter. That is what brought about separation between religion and state. The quran as an alleged divine constitution fails very badly. If one reads the quran it does not give us dynamic ideology and it has no concept of dynamic systems, structures or practices. Our needs are natural and cannot be done away with eg we need food, clothes etc etc. As our population increases we need more and more of things. To get more things we need to become organised politically as a society and create a culture for economic conditions that would help us meet our needs. Not only that but we need to keep on improving our ideology and our political, social, cultural and economic structures, systems and practices so that we could meet our needs in a better way ie more effectively and more efficiently. In order to do all this we need this kind of education and an education structure, system and practice that help us achieve all this. This is why religion or religious education system has no future whatsoever.

As for constitution, it is suppose to set out goals for us. A manmade constitution would be updated every so often to keep it relevant. For example, as previously set goals have been achieved new goals need to be set forth. This will be the ideological amendment in the constitution. In case of an alleged divine constitution ie the quran all goals needed to be in it right from the beginning for ever, for we are told by muslims that the quran is the last divine revelation by god for ever. I have never seen the list of all the goals for ever in the quran so far. Not only that the quran is incomplete in list of all the goals for ever but that no goal set forth in the quran is perfect. This is the main reason why muslims fight between themselves. Because they too are human beings and they too have the very same needs like other human beings. To fulfil these needs, they have to set forth goals for themselves and when they do that each and everyone of them has a different goal in mind. Result a big fight between themselves. Had the holy book set forth the goals for them they would not need to fight over this, would they? Please bear with me I am trying to be as systematic and methodical as I can. There is no question here that the quran has ideological flaws and they are very serious as well, as I see them. Since the quran is fatally flawed ideologically then all the structures, systems and practices that are based on the quran are equally fatally flawed.

Let us examine the alleged holy system of politics. Does the quran dictate all aspects of this system perfectly? The answer is, no. For example, what is islamic ruling system supposed to be? Monarchy? Which kind, tribal or constitutional, patriarchal or matriarchal? Has it to be Republican system? Which kind, presidential or parliamentary? Has it to be theocratic or democratic? Now when muslim define the system for themselves they disagree but they must have a system or they cannot organise as a society and so will fail to fulfil their natural needs. The quran is silent as to how many departments are necessary in the islamic government for dealing with all aspects of life for ever. The quran is also incomplete on stating perfectly all the rights and responsibilities of the office bearers and the citizens of the islamic state. It does not state any power balancing mechanism between the government of the state and its citizens. No foolproof perfect election or selection method. No perfect monitoring system or method to detect faults in the constitutional structures, systems or practices nor any perfect fault correction method to put things right without delay, lest the whole things collapses. I can go on and on but this should be sufficient to make the point that the holy quran is seriously flawed in the very first thing in the ideology as well as the very first system or structure of the ideology to live our lives by sensibly in this world so that we could prepare for hereafter as the quran states. Since people have needs, they need them to be met so they create systems they need themselves, but when they do that different people see things differently so they end up divided between themselves and even wars pursue in some cases with serious consequences.

Let us look at islamic social structure the second most important system of islam. We are told men and woman must be separated from each other. Then we are told men are incharge over women. Problems, naturally it is impossible to isolate sexes from each other in all aspects of life. Even if you do succeed to some degree you are cutting down half of manpower. Result more problems created by religion rather than solving the existing problems of human beings. Muslims say, islam is a religion revealed according to laws of nature or that islam is a natural religion. Please examine the nature and examine islam. Remember, no one knows nature better than those who study it. Their findings do not agree with what the quran states. We shall get there later. Man can have more than one wife. It is for man to marry and women to accept or reject the marriage, we are told. Man can divorce his wife at will but woman cannot, she must satisfy certain conditions. The reason because man is spending money for keeping her. Why can‚€™t a woman keep herself? Status of woman in islamic society is nothing less than a slave. In her father‚€™s house she is under the control of her father and her brother, she has to help her mother take care of them even when they can lookafter themselves. Mother‚€™s role is simply to remind her daughter of the position of her father and brother ie the money they are spending on her upkeep. If a daughter does anything against her father‚€™s wishes, it is time for mother to run for cover, for she has failed the father. Islam allows men to beat up their wives. Beating up people is thought to be answer to all problems of muslims in their life. You do anything wrong you must get some beating to teach you a lesson. I mean capital punishment is part and parcel of the quranic text. Let us leave this at that just now. In husbands house a wife is only a slave. She is there to please her husband and to lookafter him, his children and his parents etc etc like a slave. A woman‚€™s position in an islamic society is such that she is well boxed in from all sides. She cannot have her own religion or any career etc etc. You see if she was allowed any of this she would become an independent person in her own right. Tribal based master slave mentality is showing through and through islamic social structure.

Nepotism and kith and kin based favouratism is part and parcel of islamic socioeconomic system as I gather it from the quran yet most people from muslim countries blame officials not their religion for inequalities due to unfair system of distribution of wealth, nepotism and bribery cultural. May be because if they blamed their religions they would not be there any more to complain. In the quran people are divided into relatives and strangers. Then relatives are given more of the inheritance than the strangers. Moreover amongst relatives some are given more share than others eg son is given more but daughters is given less. So the claim that islam is a message of brotherhood and sisterhood is just rhetoric. Perhaps it feels nice to say things like this to to hear them to pack islam in a nice package. Not a bad idea for good business. As I already stated that organised religion is mechanism that was originally invented by some people for exploitation of others by way of deception. Somebody is always a master and somebody is always a slave and the slave is only slave because he does not realise that he is being deceived and exploited or abused in the name god. So islamic social structure as much as is stated in the quran and the hadith is merely a tribal control system. It is for this reason where there is tribal bonding between people there is no concept of fairness rather some are masters and others slaves and so religion is present there in its original form, for they reinforce and endorse each other whereby they both survive. Organised religions are nothing less than tribal cults and in bigger form imperialisms.

In all muslim states either we have absolute monarchs, military dictators, theologians or feudals controlling all political institutions together in various shapes and forms and exploiting the illiterate, ignorant, destitute, simple minded people mercilessly. Saudi Arabia is top of the list as an example. Saudi Arabia is also behind spreading its brand of islam internationally to which Usaama Bin Laadin belongs. But let us not get into that just now. So having none or confusing ideology, having none or confusing political system, having none or confusing social system is not going to deliver the culture that is needed for economic betterment of muslims. Now those who are looking for solutions for their problems of natural needs, can they tell me how they expect islam to solve their problems? Or is that you are living for hereafter and therefore this worldly life means nothing to you therefore having systems or not matter not for you? These things matter for me therefore I am staying well out of the way of islam if you know what I mean.

I do not see islam capable for solving any human problem that need ideological, political, social, cultural or economic solutions. How can you solve such problems if you have no systems or structures to solve them? You see, to be able to do anything in life, there has to be a way to do it. No way for doing something means you cannot do it. If I want to become an educated person, there has to be a way for doing that. If there is no way to do that then I cannot do it just by my wishful thinking. So islam is no way to anything whatsoever as I understand it perhaps you know islam better than me but then I will have to wait and see your side of the story. I mean what kind of culture is this where women are treated like cattle? How can a people with that kind of mindset make economic progress, where productivity is the measure of a nation‚€™s success or failure? A nation needs to be able to provide for its people. Leaving some oil rich states muslim states have nothing to be proud of and are trailing world league table. Many muslims tell me that the quran is very scientific. Well, poof of the pudding is in the eating and as you can see so far islam as I see it, has failed the very first test as a divine constitution ie it is said to be a perfect heavenly guidance for people to live by. Of course, it surprises me to see muslims believing in such claims or it may be that they lack education that is necessary for understanding things. Muslim are mostly illiterate and ignorant in all islamic states not because they lack money but it is spent for wrong reasons. People if they visited muslim countries they will see most beautiful mosques well equipped with holy books and many religious schools again well equipped for their purpose but hardly any normal schools, colleges and universities that are necessary for educating people to meet needs of this life. Saudi money is spent internationally to sell Saudi brand of islamic propaganda to further Saudi brand of imperialism.