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The quran tells that Adam is the first man and a prophet yet he sinned and disobeyed god. The same is true about various other prophets including Muhammad. The followers of the quran are dehumanised and turned into savages ready to kill innocent people anywhere and everywhere. On one hand it shows that god set such standard for a person to be a proper muslim that even his own chosen prophets could not achieve that standard so who else can? On the other hand it shows that the standard set in the quran is unnatural, wrong and down right evil, for it is not practical for a normal descent human being. Only a person void of knowledge and humanity would accept such instructions or codes of conduct and try to follow them faithfully. Muhammad went to war with his Makkan relatives at Badr and managed to capture some of them alive. His followers killed some of them in cold blood but he released some of them for a ransom and for that he received a warning from his Allah that he should have killed the whole lot of them in cold blood. A person of good character would have taken the opportunity to deal with them in a better way so that they might have realised their mistakes if they had been wrong. Two wrongs do not make a right and a good act in return for a bad one could bring a better result. This shows the wisdom of Muhammad and his Allah.

Another thing the quran talks about is sexual decency but it undermines and curtails freedom of one sex ie female in order to give priority to male. One sex is told to hide away in some dark corner while the other is given freedom to do everything there is to be done. This means women in islam are mere sex objects, for they are to do everything in order to please their men rather than having any goals or careers etc. There is no concept of achievement for men or women other than to please god with senseless rituals. One has to ask muslims about their sexual morality according to the quran which they claim is better than what it is in secular democratic states particularly in the west. On one hand the quran treats sex as something dirty while on the other it promises plenty of it as a reward in here as well as in hereafter. In here through allowing men of means to marry up to four women at the same time with right to change them for new ones and through getting slave women as many as one wants and or through waging wars on infidels and getting their women. In hereafter by promise of beautiful virgins in paradise. On one hand the quran forbids sex with disbelieving women (saying they are dirty etc and that dirty women are for dirty men) while on the other one is allowed to have sex with them as maids. The question is that if something is good by its nature then it cannot be bad and if something is bad then it cannot be good. How could dirty pagan women become clean after capture by muslims, who raped them soon after their capture?

Also if something is good or bad by a reason then that reason has to be sound when tested or anything based on that reason will not stand. If sex is bad due to having it with anyone you like then have the muslim not done this including the prophet? They had many many sexual partners eg wives, slave girls which they captured as well as the ones they bought and sold in the open market. Remember a muslim can marry any women ie a muslim, a christian or a jew and divorce a wife at will. So wives and husbands can end up having many sexual partners during their lives. Not only that but if one is free to buy and sell slave girls then again the slave girls end up with many masters and the masters end up with many slave girls. So what is sexual morality in islam and what is meant by sexual promiscuity? Even prophet of islam married more women than his followers from a six years old girl Aisha to 40years old Khadija. His first marriage was at the age of 25years. He was over 53years old when he married a six years old child. It is for this reason the prophet is called a pedophile. This also throws out the idea that islam is against forced marriages because what capability a six years old child had to give her consent for her marriage to the prophet. Even if this was the custom at the time he ought to oppose it not enforce it. Almost the same is true about other religions as well. Remember that it is the religious bigots who make too much noise against sexual freedom people have the while the institution of marriage is nothing less than slavery for women regardless whether it is religious, social or cultural as they each derive their principles and rules of conduct from each other rather than fairness and commonsense.

Islam divides world into two kinds of people, muslims and nonmuslims. The areas on the earth are also divided into two regions, one where muslims are incharge and the other where nonmuslims are incharge. Islam forbids its people to live out side their own territory unless they are out for furthering the cause of islam and does not allow nonmuslims to live in muslim territory unless they pay a special tax and even then they have none or little rights against muslims. For example, if a muslim and nonmuslim fight and the muslim is killed then the nonmuslim will be killed in return but if it was the nonmuslim that was killed then the muslim will not be killed in return but blood money is possible but not at the same rate. Moreover muslims are commanded to destroy nonmuslims. Have nothing to do with nonmuslims even if they are your parents and blood relatives. Muslims are not allowed even to have nonmuslim as friends. This is not all rather muslims must show the infidels their power and strength to the extent that they are terrified. Muslims are commanded to fight nonmuslims and kill them unless they turn muslims and the land as whole belongs to muslims alone. When Muhammad entered Makka he destroyed all the idols of pagans and forced them to turn muslim or face the consequences.

This shows true nature of Muhammad and muslims, how else can you convert people to a new religion over night? The verses people quote about no compulsion in religion or peaceful preaching are all a big conning trick. No mass conversions ever take place without fear of life. As the quran was made up bit by bit it reflects situations Muhammad faced through out his career. Initially he was weak but at the end of his career he was very powerful. So he behaved accordingly towards his followers and opponents. When he could not force people he used other tricks to persuade them to join in his cause and when he became powerful he used force. Had he been a divine messenger he ought to deal with people the same way ie consistently but he did not. People who are dying in the world because of hunger would believe anything anyone says so long as he does something to feed them. Such cruel games have been played by religious missionaries ie give people the food and thump quran and bible etc upon them. I am writing this essay and putting across some ideas which in my opinion are good but just think how many other people think that I am writing something worthwhile or useful? However if I pointed a gun to everyone‚€™s head then all will change their opinions in my favour, wouldn‚€˜t they? The quran clearly states this in principle that if muslims are forced to condemn islam then they may if they are in fear of their life. This principle applies in all cases everywhere yet it is condemned as well, for those who hide their true beliefs because of fear are also called hypocrites MUNAAFIQS in the quran.

Some people think the quran has a lot of scientific data in it which has been verified. This is not true, no alleged divine scripture contains any definite scientific data. All information in these scriptures comes from older scriptures and from their own time. The so called predictions which some scriptures contain are very general ones. For example the quran says that one day islam will take over all the other religions. It is possible that when Muhammad saw himself succeeding in his aims then he thought perhaps he was unstoppable, so he might end up conquering the world but he did not succeed. It may be that such verses were put in the quran later, for quran was not compiled till after Muhammad‚€™s death. Also there are similar predictions in all scriptures eg jews dreamt of conquering the world and so did christians but none of them succeeded and none of them will. More and more people are turning away from all religions now than ever before because education is taking its roots and a new way of life is in the making that will be acceptable to everyone as people wake up to the reality that we need each other in order to make progress and prosper and to make life better for ourselves through helping each other.

The quran is full of superstition even the opening verse of the quran is, seek refuge in god from devil 16/98. The quran through out tells what the devil is capable of and that he is not alone ie there is a whole bunch of them. In chapter 34 demons are mentioned working for king Solomon and are under his control whereas in chapter 72 demons are said to be capable of travelling to heavens to steal information from the angels etc. Solomon could understand birds and animals and could hear even an ant from a great distance. Throne of queen of Sheba is brought from her kingdom to Jerusalem in a moment by a top spiritualist and a demon could do the same etc etc , see sura 27. Jesus spoke to people while a few days old. He could create birds from clay and make them become alive and could cure lepers and blind people as well as raise people from dead etc etc, see chapters 3, 4, 5, 19 and 60 etc. He was taken to heaven alive and will descend from heavens before the end of the world. Moses‚€™ staff could turn into a serpent, his hand could turn into a shining object. Sea was parted for him and his people to cross. Ilyas was also taken up to heaven while still alive. Abraham kills birds and they become alive again 2/260. He is told to kill his son as an offering to god which is then substituted by a ram as a miracle. On one hand god forbids taking an innocent life on the other he commands it. Yunus is kept alive for days in the belly of a fish etc etc.

Another problem we have with the quran is its challenges against the laws of nature. For example, Abraham tells the king -he is arguing with and who claims to be a god- to make the sun rise from the west instead of the east 2/258. In the mind of Abraham that is the kind of miracle which can prove divinity but when people ask him for such like proofs, he has none to offer. What does that prove about him? It tells that even these claimants of prophetship realise that proof is necessary if one claims to be a god or his prophet. Moreover what does it tell about Muhammad who tells this story in the quran? It tells the same thing ie when people ask him for a proof, he has none to offer. This also tells us that the author of the quran is not aware of the function of the solar system ie the way it works. This is obvious because the quran also contains statements like, if god so wishes he can keep the day or the night permanent on the earth or that he could make the shadows stand still. Such arguments are not right from the one who is supposed to be the creator of the solar system, because they do not prove his power or wisdom but weakness and ignorance.

Since the way the solar system is and works the earth has the day and the night both at the same time but in different places. If heavenly bodies in the solar system stopped rotating on their own axis our galaxy would be destroyed due to collapsing of our solar system, which is also moving along in the space with the rest of the galaxy, which is also moving through space along with the other galaxies in the universe. Even if we accept that nothing will go wrong yet if the earth stops rotating it is impossible for day to be on all the earth permanently or for the night to be so. It will be day on one side of the earth that is facing the sun and the night on the remaining side of the earthly globe. In a way the day and the night on the earth are already permanent, of which the author of the quran is unaware. The revelation of the quran is said to be during the night in the month of Ramadan. The quran and the hadith make this mistake about day and night many times as if when there is night it is night over all the earth and when there is day it is day over all the earth. Facing Makka during prayer is also talked about as if the earth was flat like a saucer. The quran mentions about the moon and the sun as if they are both the same size, as if they have similar size semicircular orbits and as if they are the only two bodies in the heavens which move. The earth and the heavens are talked about as if they are firmly fixed structures like a room with a floor and ceilings one above the other. The sky is said to be the solid structure adorned with stars as if they were lamps hanging down from the lowest or visible ceiling from the floor. There is no concept of circular or elliptical orbits for the earth, the heavens, the stars or any other celestial objects.

Statements like 2/258 etc in the quran are wrong not only in the sense that such statements are against the observation and laws of nature but also against the laws of eternity. Moreover if this is the way god decided the world to work then arguments against that are void. God ought to be wise enough to know what he is talking about. Once a system starts working the way it is intended and designed by god or meant to work and it works then there is no room for god to say ifs and buts about that system nor is there any need for such nonsense arguments. There are quite a few different types of baseless arguments in the quran eg how can god have a son when he does not have a wife? If there were other gods as well beside Allah then there would have been a fight or disagreement between them and the universe would have ended up destroyed. If god had a son I would have been the first to worship him etc etc. There is absolutely no need for such meaningless arguments for a god instead there should have been a proof for the people to verify it for themselves and the commandments about what people should believe and do.

One must realise the fact that such baseless assumptuous arguments from god by their very nature go against the theory of divine revelation ie one has to accept one or the other. One cannot accept them both. The reason is simple that mere baseless arguments by their very nature are conjectural or assumption based, not testimonial or witness based ie not based on observations. So any book containing such arguments is definitely not a divine revelation. As far as contradictions in the quran are concerned, one can see them clearly. The quran tells other people to prove their beliefs but fails to do the same itself. If beliefs are a matter of faith then all beliefs are a matter of faith and in that case the quran is wrong again for asking people to prove their religious beliefs or to tell them that their beliefs are wrong or false. The quran says repeatedly that it is a clearcut message from god and it also says that it is ambiguous as well yet fails to define which part of message is clear and which is ambiguous . For the quran to claim it is clear is also wrong, because the human language has inbuilt or inherent faults in it and cannot be clearcut by its very nature, for each and every clarification here and there needs further explanation. It asks people to think and reason out things when it talks about their beliefs yet tells unreasonable things itself to be believed eg miracles, demons and spirits etc etc. We are told Noah lived amongst his people for 950 years 29/14, this contradicts self evident facts, for no one can live for that long as we know it for a fact, this is copied straight of the holy bible. We are told there are seven heavens and one earth, a sun and a moon as well as seven heavens and seven earths. We are not told what heavens and earths are. We are told that demons used to go to heavens but now they cannot because of shooting stars which chase them away. The shooting stars we now know were in fact always there, see chapter 72. Slavery was adopted by muslims as well and slaves were not freed during the life time of Muhammad and there was no real effort made in this direction. People who lived on this foundation that they should subdue and enslave others could not be expected to get rid of their basic asset. So any argument that Muhammad was a compassionate wiseman does not stand in light of his atrocities and the teachings of the quran he allegedly followed. God was supposed to free people from slavery of each other not to keep it alive among them till it ran its course ie when muslims no longer could conquer any people anymore.

The quran says, how could god have a son when he does not have even a wife 6/101? The intention is to convey the fact that having a child is impossible without both parents. Yet the quran tells that Jesus is born without a father. Also that Adam is brought about without either of the parents etc etc. The quran tells that on the day of judgement people‚€™s limbs will testify against them. We know that human body changes during the life time. So cells that make a part of body today will not be the same tomorrow. The body renews its cells and therefore the hand or foot etc with which one does something today will not be the same tomorrow. So how can cells which were not part of a body when a crime was committed be the witnesses against the person himself? It shows lack of knowledge of biology on the part of the author of the quran. Moreover one thing is food of another thing ie one must realise the food chain. Suppose a person dies and his body is thrown into the sea where fish eat it. Is it not true that some of that person has become body part of many fish, because everything is made of what it eats? Now suppose those fish are caught by people who eat them so that person is now part of many other people‚€™s bodies too. Now the whole thing can happen all over, again and again so you can imagine where the original person is gone. Remember, the earth recycles anything and everything in a very thorough way so nobody can remains original person with original. It should be obvious by now how much scientific knowledge the quran contains. According to the quran the sun and the moon have the paths for travelling but not heavens and the earth. They are firmly fixed in a place. They are flat like sheets of a paper that can be rolled up like a scroll not globe shaped. The stars are mentioned as small lamps in the lowest sky and the sky is thought of as a solid structure. The hadith can clarify such points further with the help of writings from tafaseer and sharas of hadith by various muslim scholars throughout times and places.

The truth is that some muslims simply take verses out of their proper context and use language skills and scientific knowledge to give them a meaning which cannot be traced back to the time of the prophet. All the dictionaries are modified every now and again to give new meanings to the same words in addition to the old ones as well as they add new words and their meanings. Some words also lose their old meanings altogether so they are given new meanings or that some words are taken out of circulation for they are no longer used. This is obvious if one visits reference libraries and museums around the world. So the idea that religious scriptures contain scientific information is ludicrous. Why they put across such ideas? To prove religious truth which they cannot but it makes good financial sense for them, because they are paid well by their masters through the profits they make by way of exploiting the ignorant masses. Remember the example of debate between two parties ie one educated and the other ignorant. They each believed their speaker won the day, one with knowledge that 2+2=4 but the others with the assumption that their scholar is right in stating 2+2=5. If one studies the quran or any other alleged divine scripture for that matter, one will find many different kinds of faults in all of them. This is the reason why most honest educated people are not religious ie they care about themselves and therefore about mankind and the world in general. If you come across any people who claim to be educated and are religious then either they have not yet thought about it rationally and are therefore not fully developed logically, because people are only clever in what they are educated in and think about rationally and seriously or that they are double faced, who are exploiting the simple minded people through their hypocrisy, which is nothing new.

I can understand simple minded people being religious but not sophisticated minded people who ought to know better. The same is true in case of so called the worldly wise who care not about masses of people going to waste but themselves which in fact they don‚€˜t, for they are educated ignorant. According to the quran muslims must pay zakah and that is said to be 2.5% of what they own over and above their essential living expenses for a period of one year. This again is wrong, because need for helping the poor is such that if it is supposed to be met it ought to be met. The reason why setting up a fixed rate of contribution is wrong is that the ratio of rich and poor people varies drastically time and place wise. So when poor people increase in numbers not only more money is needed to help them but the number of rich people decreases who can make contribution. Think it this way that suppose there are 100 people. Say 60 of them are rich, 30 of them can look-after themselves and 10 people are poor. Now there comes a time when things get worse. Now rich people are only 30, people who can look-after themselves are only 40, so people who need help now have become 30. If the rate of contribution was fixed then the number of contributors and the rate of contribution has gone down while the number of needy people who depend on them and the rate of their dependence has gone up and that creates a problem. Therefore this idea of fixed percentage of tax system is wrong and cannot be from God. Remember, everyone is not making profit at the same rate nor their income is same. Moreover if religion is about spiritualism rather than materialism then why such rules and codes of conduct which are about materialism, for materialism shouldn‚€˜t matter in that case, should it? Religion on one hand tells people do not go for material things while on the other it tells them to do material things. So what we make of all this nonsense. Muslims on one hand are told that going after worldly things is waste of time yet wars against infidels are ordered for collection of booties. Muslims who say, jihaad is a defensive war need to realise, what is a defensive war? The defense in my understanding according to logic is that when I am attacked I should defend myself. When the attacker gives up, I too stop and not go after him till have hurt him badly or killed him. That becomes offensive as I see it. If one country attacks the other then the other has the right to defend itself but not to the degree that it continues war even after the aggressor country has stopped. That becomes a revenge attack. Anyway that is another issue.

What I said above about zakah does not mean that taxing systems we have in the world are right but that they need to be progressive and sensible. Imagine that there are not many people in the world who are bothered to make effort for a better living standard. This will mean there are more state dependent people compare to financially independent people. Now if you tax rich people heavily, they too will become poor and go out of business, due to loss of incentive which will discourage them from doing anything similar in future and hence progress will be halted, so what should we do? We should always make sure the ratio of rich to poor people does not change for worse to such a degree that life becomes worthless for all of us. To keep people going we must devise systems and structures that ensure minimum dependence on state or tax payers. This means empowering individuals to create jobs for themselves, so we need to educate people in lots of different fields of knowledge and skills eg agriculture sector, technology sector, service sector, manufacturing, production and distribution industries etc etc. We need organisations ie governments that help individuals to do that and give them incentives and sense of responsibilities. Once people see life worth living that will give them courage to continue. Permanent state help should only and only be reserved for people who have no other sources to help them live and they have not ended up in this situation through fault of their own but even if they did everyone deserves as many chances in life as are practically possible for a society to give them.

It is an undeniable fact that poverty is root of all illnesses and crimes. If you cannot get sexual satisfaction because you are poor then you have sexual problems leading you to depression or sexual crimes. If you cannot provide for your kids you are depressed and may end up stealing and so on and so forth. Psychological problems ie worries lead to depression and nervous break down which leads to physical illnesses or that they may lead to life of crime. One will see most people who have such illnesses or criminal convictions have such religious beliefs which stop them from living their life as normal human beings. So religion becomes an immoral thing when it stops people from going about their daily lives. People need to realise that religious moral concepts of organised religions are mostly immoral, for they were designed with a particular objectivity in minds of the people who created organised religions. This is why they are called organised religions. In order to get out of such situations as land us in poverty and disease or try to keep us their we need systems whereby all people who can work must work hard and make money for themselves and as much as possible save it for themselves and not only save it but invest it as best as possible for future. All this needs knowledge and education, a concept that is completely missing in scriptures and religious education systems so people are confused therefore they only manage to live day to day, for as far as they are concerned people should not be even as much greedy as to think of tomorrow ie god will provide etc etc. To sell this idea successfully was necessary for masters to their slaves to keep them both in their place for as long as they lived.

Religious people including muslims claim that praying and fasting is a very good thing for health. As far as a human body is concerned, it does not like irregularities and unnecessary hardships. Sleeping irregularly and eating irregularly are major factors which contribute to illnesses. Because the body‚€™s own immune system becomes weak and people begin to fall ill. Regular exercise is good for body but only at times when body is ready for it and only as much as body can easily cope with. By weakening body first through starving it from food and sleep and then putting it through exercise cannot be a right thing to do. People need to realise that there is no virtue in prayer or fasting for god. In fact god should know how difficult life is without all this extra baggage. What god needed to tell us was, how we should live materially successful lives ourselves and how we should care for each other using our material success. Not that we sit and praise the lord and forget the rest for lord will provide, which he obviously does not if you could see billions of starving people in the world. Is it true that we are born with knowledge of material things from on high? No it is not. God would be biggest stupid ever if he created us ignorant in this world unprepared for life of this world yet demanded submission or even loyalty of us never mind prayers.

If he had guided us and prepared us for life in this world only that would have made our lives easier and we may then had time for singing his praises. So think not about morals in terms of humanity only but think seriously about morals of god as well. Is any concept of any god offered by any religion good enough to be acceptable for us poor helpless creatures in this vastness of this universe? Would you as a kind parent leave your little kids wondering in strange and god forsaken places to fend for themselves? Of course not, then how do you explain this situation in which god has placed us, if there is a god? So don‚€™t self inflict yourself with pain and misery there is plenty of it about for us in our world without we ourselves adding to it. Be wise and be nice to yourself and help others if you can for better life. Religious morals are a hoax from start to finish so do not be so stupid to be fooled by them for ever. Learn sense and do what is fair and good for yourself and others that is really morality. There are yet more contradictions in the quran, such as it tells people to face Mecca during prayer. Now if you thought the earth was flat then you could tell people to do so but if you knew the earth was round then you couldn‚€™t. If one says that it makes no difference whether the earth is round or flat then that too is wrong. Because if the earth was flat then you could align yourself towards Mecca but now that the earth is curved you cannot face towards Mecca from everywhere. So if a focal point was needed in the mind during the prayer then that is the way it should have been told. Moreover why should a people be told to face in a particular direction when god is supposed to be omnipresent?