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The quran on one hand tells that the word of god is for ever while on the other it tells that god abrogated some of the messages replacing them with better ones. Some muslim scholars take this to mean the scriptures god sent one after the other the while other muslim scholars take it to mean the replacement of the verses within the quran regarding legal matters ie something was allowed in the beginning but prohibited later eg drinking alcohol. In either case it means continuation of prophets and scriptures is essential whereas most muslims believe that Muhammad is the final prophet from god and that the quran is the final scripture from god. If this was the case then how could god send prophets in the past but not in the future when guidance from god is supposed to be essential for all people of all times? The case for continuation of prophetship is even stronger now than ever before because there now live more people on the face of the earth than ever before. Simple people needed simple guidance and sophisticated people need sophisticated guidance.

Now that even muslims are divided into many sect and no one knows who is right and who is wrong, there is a compelling need for another prophet to unite muslims. However muslims are divided into three main groups as regard to this issue. Some believe in continuation of prophets other do not. Those who do not they too think it necessary that there has to be some sort of divine guidance, so they are divided into followers of saints and imaams. Those who believe in saints they are divided into various groups eg qadri, sohorwardi, naqshbandi and chishti groups etc etc. Those who believe in imaams they are divided into hanfies, shafies, malkies and humbalies amongst sunnies but into various other groups amongst shias. Shias are divided into various groups according to how many imaams they believe in ie 1,3,6,9 or 12. Since division between people is still there so the alleged divine revelation has failed to unite people. Moreover the quran tells us that people used to live as a single community before there came to them a divine revelation. So one can see what the alleged divine revelation has done to people ie it divided them and created animosity between them where there was none according to it. Although this is not true as explained elsewhere. People were never united they always had something to fight about even before they thought of religion. How many animals, birds and insects etc do you find fighting over religion but they still fight for survival. I do not believe at all that fights and wars are only and only because of religion. They were there before religion they will be there after religion is no more unless we learn to live together in peace and cooperate with each other for our progress and prosperity. I only say that giving religion the divine authority caused one more kind of fight amongst us which was not there before this idea was invented by some foolish human beings. Such wars will no longer be there if organised religion was eliminated. In other words I blame religion only when people fight over religious matters ie religious beliefs and practices. Moreover, I blame the organised religions not individual thought based beliefs or their followers. I challenge only the inventors and the followers of the organised religions because they are dangerous cults to prove their worth or stop exploiting humanity. So far I never met anyone who could speak for all people who follow any particular religion or sect. These sad people talk as individuals when challenged not as a community with one voice. If you are individuals and it is not possible for people to not be individuals then why the hell the cultists want others to conform to only and only their belief and practice?

The religious apologists ie the cultists say that it is people who use the name of religion who cause fights not religions. I would say, read your scriptures. Why should scriptures allow slavery or even accept it? Why should inequality between sexes be allowed or accepted in the scriptures? This is where the problem is. The unfairly disadvantaged are given no choice by the unfair advantaged. Where there is unfairness there cannot be any mutual trust or peace. Where there is no trust, peace and stability there cannot be progress and prosperity instead some people will be unhappy with others for right reasons and so things will take turn for worse. This is why beside religion the other great evil in the world is economic divide between the rich and the poor people and states. Rich states bar poor states and their people from economic benefits and that causes serious poverty in the poor states of the world. I cannot see any solution to this problem because it is connected to an on going struggle between people with backward religious beliefs and based upon them their political, economic, social and cultural structures and authoritarian regimes, and the secular democratic states and their policies for democratization of the rest of the world. Once this struggles ends in victory of commonsense for the good of individuals as well as the humanity then I am sure things will change for the better for all of us economy wise as well. If there are still economic barriers between rich and poor individuals and states then we will know who is to be blamed and how we can take action to straighten the crooked or the culprit. Till then I cannot blame the democratic states for withholding their help as a reactionary move from those who treat them as their enemy.

Muslims believe, the quran cannot be understood without the help of the hadith of the prophet. However they also believe that the hadith cannot be understood without the basis of the quran. The quran and the hadith are both regarded as vital for understanding of islam yet each fails muslims badly in understanding of islam or why should they end up divided into countless groups? The quranic text was not finalised till centuries after the death of the prophet, so how can one be sure about the authenticity of the hadith books about the prophet? Since muslims became divided due to power struggles after the death of the prophet, people invented a great number of hadith to validate their own religious cults and so people remain divided into groups. This resulted in each group rejecting hadith by the other groups. Likewise the quranic text was disputed between various muslim groups. The dispute was possible in the actual quranic text even after the publication of the quran by Uthman, because there were no distinguishing dots with letters nor were there short and long vowel marks. So each group read the text as it suited itself.

The concept of punishment for disbelievers in hereafter is very, very wrong, because such great punishment is grossly unfair when the weight of proof required for faith in god is not even there. The quran states as a rule that if required evidence is not produced by the accuser then it is the accuser who should be punished for slandering the accused. So how can one expect that god could be so cruel that he would punish the innocent? Even if proof was there for believing in god yet no one deserved to be punished for 40 years of disbelief by constant and severe punishment for ever. This would be inconsistent with the nature of quranic god due to rules of eternity ie it is not possible for a god to be unfair. Such a thing is beyond a just or compassionate god. In the quran we are told that if one murders some one then it is right for the victim‚€™s family to ask for death of the criminal or to forgive him through some sort of compensation for the victim‚€™s family. On the other hand people are to be stoned to death in case of adultery. Again one has to ask, which is really a crime and even if both things are regarded as crime then which of them is greater? We are told to cut off people‚€™s hands and feet if they steal or create mischief in the land. This is what muslims did to their enemies after subduing them.

Also such laws are obviously too harsh and do no good for the mankind. Such ideas put burden on society, for crippled people become state dependent and the victims remain uncompensated as well as the criminal is put through hell for the rest of his life. We are told in the quran that man can have more than one wife and numberless maids and so the system remained after the death of the prophet. What a concern has been shown for the humanity by god and his prophet. We are told in the quran that a woman alone is not fit as a witness and that testimony of two women is same as testimony of one man ie if you require two witnesses you cannot have four women witnesses at all but you can have one man and two women as witnesses. Not only that but if a father dies leaving children behind, his property is to be divided such that male child gets same as two female children. The inheritance shares are such that they cannot be divided exactly ie either shares are an awkward number or the receivers add up to be a awkward number eg try and divide dollars between three people equally or vice versa etc etc.

The quran says, people will never be able to raise the dead but we are not told what is meant by death. However, we are very close to creating life as well as we are very much succeeding in bringing people back to life in some cases. For example, some people‚€™s hearts stop so we can start them again. Such people would have died in olden times. We can also revive people or stop them from dying ie some are kept alive on life support machine after they become unconscious or brain damaged in some cases. There is no doubt that some people in better developed countries are living longer than before. The quran tells us that our world is the only world god has created but what will it say should we discover that there is life on some other planets in our own or some other galaxies? Religious people condemned blood transfusions and body part transplants. Muslims condemned use of public address system, cameras and television etc etc. They condemned people who claimed they have landed on the moon etc etc. Muhammad claimed one day that he was taken by god to Jerusalem and from there to all the heavens, paradise, hell and back again. However he could not tell anything about the shape of the planets in our solar system and where they were in the universe etc etc. The only reason I do not wish people to believe in religion is because it is falsehood that clouds people‚€™s judgement of this world and therefore they are held back from progress. It is very dangerous if all people become united in something evil or for a wrong reason or purpose, as that will spell the end of the mankind. Religion makes a person worse enemy of himself, for it forces one to strangle oneself to death by isolating and disassociating oneself from the real world and its essentials for survival and progress.

This happens because one becomes so entangled in religion that one cannot see any purpose to life other than what is dictated to such a person by an alleged divine scripture or prophet etc, which is mainly to attain spiritual perfection by putting oneself through baseless hardships. People take drugs and other destructive things very seriously but they forget about religious addiction which is equally or rather more destructive. It is because the drugs are perceived evil but religion is perceived a good thing. When a thing is known as something dangerous it is easier to confront it but when something is perceived to be good when it is in fact evil, it is more difficult to fight against it. The crux of the matter is that anything that makes a person useless member of a human society is dangerous whether it is ignorance, poverty, disease, crime, drugs or religion, for end result is a failure of a person in living a useful and productive life for oneself or anyone else. He who is unable to look after himself cannot be expected to or be able to support anyone else. Further more if we did not care for each other in a sensible way then we all risk failure and destruction.

The quran says, angels came to visit Abraham and Lot, jews were turned into apes and pigs, Uzair and his donkey both were put to death and raised again to show Uzair that god could raise the dead. Mountains blow up in pieces due to fear of god. Manna and salva were sent down from heaven for the people of Moses to live on. A man was brought back to life to name his killer with flesh of a heifer. God kills jews and brings them back to life again so that they may believe in him. God lifts mountain as if to crush jews under it during a covenant. The followers of Jesus ask for a meal from paradise and they were provided. Story of companions of the cave is such that a group of people is kept asleep for centuries by god. Moses‚€™ fried fish jumps into the sea and a strange thing happens ie it leaves a tunnel behind in the water. Twelve springs of water gushed forth for people of Moses. Now this kind of events reported in the quran raise serious questions about how god goes about showing miracles to some people and ignoring the others as well as how he goes about them ignoring the laws of nature. It seriously undermines authenticity of the quran as a divine message and of a god who is supposed to be just and kind. If all people are equal before god then why so many differences between them eg some people are able others disable, some are chosen as prophets others ignored, some are shown miracles other not, men are given the power to control women. So the claim that everyone is equal before god is contradicted when we test it against the reality of the world.

Just as there is nothing in the quran to tell us exactly how the things and the world began or how exactly they work, so there is nothing in the quran to tell us how exactly it all would end. It is a jumble of ideas about things whatever they may be, because the quran or any other scripture for that matter is confusing in everything it tells therefore people who allege to believe in a scripture are divided into many sects, which are at each other‚€™s throats. This is why religion is no way forward rather majority of mankind have become stuck with what they allegedly believe. The structure of religious communities is set up such that people drive each other more and more into religious nonsense through naming and shaming or isolation as well as threats of torture and killing. Small cults are condemned but major organised religions or cults are left alone because they dominate the whole world. For example, there are more than a billion christians, a billion muslims, a billion hindus and a billion budhists etc etc. Even though budhism is not based on divine revelation rather on teachings of Mahatma Budh and budhists do not believe in a god yet their disciplines are not progressive. Any way of life that tells people to be contended with what you have from nature is silly, because understanding the nature of our universe is vital for mankind in order to survive its destructions and in order to benefit from it. So any way forward must be progressive and not static, whether religious or not.


It seems strange that people in the time of the prophet never invented anything nor the prophet encouraged them towards research and exploration, so that they develop both mentally and physically, spiritually and materially. Had he done so, perhaps, people would have become aware of the fact that they need to invent things, produce and distribute them in order to survive and progress rather than teaching them how to get their hands on other people to enslave them, and to rob them of their lands and properties etc. In fact sex and violence is very obvious in the quranic teaching ie people are commanded to fight against nonmuslims and the reward is pretty ladies in here as well as hereafter. Had he taught them how to make progress and prosper they would have known that one day they may end up in space, on other planets or at poles in the earth. And if that happened, how would they be able to fast, pray or perform pilgrimage to Mecca according to the dictated times in the quran, which only apply to the areas in and around Arabia or Middle East. Islam encourages poverty by means of prayer and fasting, because it does not put the same emphasis on working for this life as it does on work for hereafter. Moreover the prophet did not set any such example as regard to progress and prosperity of mankind in this world. It tells that a muslim should only live in this world as a passerby and only earn what is essential. It also tells to be charitable and visit Mecca but that needs money. It all makes better sense as a mechanism of masters for exploitation of people by way of giving them slave mentality through indoctrination.

Also because it puts far too much emphasis on hereafter in comparison to life in this world, it creates difficulties for muslims whereever they go, for they take their religion far too seriously due to ignorance. Women are not at all commanded to work like men. In fact they are not allowed even to get out of their houses without some sort of escort. It suits such kind of women who know nothing about life in real world and like to sit idle or be at mercy of men but not those who want to do something with their life and the same is true about men who like to sit idle. If we think about it, it again contributes towards poverty, because it is like cutting down the manpower or workforce to half. Muslim men are very limited in their education, because they do not treat the knowledge about this world as essential instead they treat the knowledge of the quran, the hadith and the fiqh absolutely essential because that is the only example their prophet has left them with. Not only that but even that is made difficult for women in case they begin to question the authority of islamic bureaucracy ie their fathers, brothers or husbands and the other officials in the control system and as a result this precious resource gets wasted. Further more one will see the poverty stricken muslims building very beautiful mosques and if they get hold of some money they are told to waste it on the trips to Mecca. The resources people waste in these things could be better used for educating people and getting them out of poverty. Sitting in the mosques and praying to god day and night will not save us from the destructions of the universe, it would not bring about any benefits of the universe for us and it would certainly not put food on our tables or clothes on our backs etc etc and it never did but masses with slave mentality died in vain in such hopes and expectations.

A question one may ask is, why other religions have accepted separation between church and state but not islam? The answer is simple, others religions began long before islam and each of them has been taken over by later religions. For example, religions like hinduism are the oldest religions that were taken over by parsi-ism like religions which were taken over by Judaism like religions. Likewise if you observe Christianity took over judaism and finally islam took over Christianity. So each earlier civilisation was seriously and violently challenged and affected by all the later developments. Now such a thing did not happen after the advent of Islam so there was nothing to take over islam as violently as each religion has been taking over others. Moreover there is little chance that anything like this will ever happen any more in our world, for world by now has become saturated with religions and religious violence. So no more forced conversions are possible any more on religious basis. The process of change is now mainly to be education based and that takes ages to change people‚€™s minds for the right purpose. Once education becomes wide spread, islam too will have to go, because when people will realise what organised islamic religion does to them they will force separation between mosque and state. This is why all closed islamic societies and states must be forced open even if it leads to threat of war between free societies and the controlled islamic societies, so that they could be flooded with information that gives people real chance to see both sides of the story without fear or favour. At the moment as things are I am not allowed to sell or buy any literature that is deems unislamic in any muslim state. If I own a book or any material which is deemed unislamic I am not allowed to take it with me in a muslim state. I am not only restricted by state regime but also by individuals who are organised religious thugs. This infringes my human rights and if no one cared then all of us will have no rights whatsoever never mind legally protected. It is high time all muslim individuals and states were seriously challenged on the basis of human rights.

The other thing one will see in the quran is that it tells nothing about getting one‚€™s rights ie it should have commanded people to get their rights. It means the author did not realise that giving people the rights is not the same as they getting them. The quran makes a lot of concessions and compromises right from the start rather than stating the commandments and leaving people to decide for themselves whether they should follow or not. It is essential that if god thinks something is evil then he should ban it at once not in stages, because good is good and evil is evil. You cannot allow people to continue with evil yet quran allowed people to continue drinking and keeping slaves etc. This clearly shows that the quran is Muhammad‚€™s own creation, because by banning something little by little he was testing people‚€™s reactions. If they agreed on something he pushed them more towards it otherwise he stopped where he was so that things do not fall apart. The quran prohibits a lot of things without any good reasons. Take drink for example, it is good if you use it properly but bad if you misuse it. So ban should have been on its misuse not on its use. Moreover the quran itself admits that alcohol is a useful thing.

Take gambling for example, that too is useful says the quran but because it is bad as well therefore it is banned totally. If we use this logic then we shouldn‚€™t be inventing arms because they too could be used in a civil war ie by muslims against muslims. In fact a kitchen knife would be a very dangerous weapon if misused so what do we do? Ban it. The idea that things are evil or bad by their very nature is a very wrong one, whereas it depends on their usage whether they are put to an evil use or not. A lots of animals have been banned as a food because they have been considered dirty. According to explanations, they are considered dirty because they eat dirty things, they hunt other animals or that they have sexual habits which are considered obscene etc etc. Looking at what is dirty and what is not, we need to understand the way earth recycles materials. What all animals or insects eat comes from the earth and what they defecate goes back to the earth and everything intermingles in the soil. Not only that but when living things die they decompose back into the ground. So it is either matter of decay and reformation or secretion ie what animals eat is secreted into their bloodstream again through decomposition.

So even if animals eat dirty things it is not necessary they will get into their bloodstream as such. Moreover all animals get ill so they must be getting infected in some way anyway, therefore banning any animal for food for that reason is not good instead we can farm them and that way we can feed them what we like and take good care of them so that they stay healthy and do not get ill. Here one must realise that I am not saying whether one should eat animals or not rather argument is that, why the quran allows some animals for food but not others? It should have told people to remove the problem from the food if at all possible and not the food. Especially when the world is always in poverty and food shortages in the world are at an alarming rate. Again the way the quran reasons things is not so reasonable. This also calls into question the definition of good and evil in the quran. Which means what the quran states as evil may well be good for people eg quran stops women from a lot of things including work and work is good for men and women both, because they can have knowledge and livelihood, and it helps in making progress and people can prosper more as we have more working people.

There are things the quran does not ban but it creates such an environment for them that one cannot do those things under those conditions, so they are as good as banned. That again means that the so called islamic system of life has not been thought through thoroughly. If the quran bans eating of such animals as eat other animals then why chickens are lawful and not eagles? Because they both eat insects and chickens also eat small mice etc. Donkeys and elephants are unlawful for meat, for they are for carrying loads but camels are lawful. Horses are unlawful for meat, for they are for riding in the battle but camel is lawful. A scripture could not forbid any food save that which is not fit for human consumption or that it would bring the species to extinction and or on the ground that it would cause suffering to the animals.

One will see the quran bans usury or interest outright whether received by a lender or paid by a borrower. Again there is no clearcut reason given for doing that so that if those problems were removed from lending and borrowing then that should have been alright. So we can see the mentality of banning this and banning that without getting into detail of things. Of course, the interest based system would be fine so long as people did not misuse it by setting up too high interest rates which strangle the community and thereby economy. Similarly if there is no interest based system then when people are lent money, they would not bother returning it as quickly as possible and the lenders would run out of their businesses or the state would become bankrupt. This means they or the state would not be able to help others to establish themselves or to get through hard times. Also if there is no incentive in this world for lending money then who would bother doing that for hereafter? May be islam wants powerful people not to lend money to poor people just in case they become established themselves and therefore are no longer slaves for their masters. This goes well with the idea that do not worry about tomorrow, for lord will take care of that. I wonder which lord is going to take care for a slave‚€™s tomorrow? Is it not the one who abuses him?

In the quran there seems to be much irregularity as to reward and punishment of people. One minute god forgives a person all his sins or ignores them and rewards him, the next minute he destroys a person just for a little thing. One minute a people are forgiven all their sins for the sake of goodness in an act of one person amongst them and the next minute a community is destroyed just because of a mistake of one person. We are told people are rewarded and punished in this life, in hereafter as well as in a life between these two, whereas this life is supposed to be for test and the next for reward or punishment. In fact, there should have been a set rule for all, so that everyone knew what to expect of god in response to their deeds but there isn‚€˜t. Some people have been shown many miracles others none at all. The quran uses such words when it comes to story of Jesus, that keep people confused as regard to his death. Therefore muslims do not know for sure, whether Jesus was taken to heavens alive or did he die a natural death. Not only that but one minute god tells a people to believe like other people do ie without asking for proof, and the next minute he asks a people, why do you believe like other people believe, where is your proof? Which means if you believe in the quran then it is alright ie you do not need proof, but if you believe in anything else then you do. This clearly shows double standards at work ie one rule for muslims and another for non-muslims. Likewise one will see in the quran statements or claims like, god is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful etc etc. but he does not mention anywhere in the quran what he knows or sees about individual things and the universe as regard to their creation or how they function, so that we could verify those statement and if found true believe in the massage.

An example comes to mind as regard to this about school kids. If a teacher finds a pencil on the floor in a classroom, he asks kids, has any of you lost a pencil? Children look into their school bags and if any does not find his pencil in his bag, he says, I have lost my pencil. Now teacher does not show or give the person the pencil rather he asks the kids for verifiable clues to establish the ownership of the pencil. He may say, what colour is it? Is it writing or colouring pencil? Is it new or already used one etc etc. Only if one gives such information correctly the pencil is given to him. It shows how much sense religious people have when it comes to testing divinity of a scripture. If the Quran was from a god then it ought to have both this world and the next in sight and should have stated the living systems as suited both worlds perfectly but it does not. For example, the quran always tells that people will be dealt with in hereafter if they did not live by the quran but they are given no such instructions for dealing with situations here in this life so that they could know how to live a successful life in this world so that that could encourage them to do the divine will for success in hereafter as well. As the quran teaches nothing useful for this life therefore the more a muslim follows this teaching the bigger the failure or loss.

As for the concept of hereafter, the person in authority cannot tell a criminal that if you do not behave I will deal with you when I catch you and leave it at that rather he would do everything he can to ensure the criminal does not get his way even in his absence. So the structures were needed to be in place to deal with things effectively in this world and then people should have been told that you will be dealt with finally in hereafter as well but this is not the case in the quran, The quran is also full of contradictory statements as regard to how world will end and what will happen to people when it ends or how will it be created again and how would people and other things reappear on it and the rest of hereafter stories which do not fit in with each other. So what can one make of all this, when god is supposed to be all knowing, fair and merciful? The story of Moses and Pharaoh makes no sense whatsoever the way it is told in the jewish traditions and the quran. For example, look at the Egyptian civilisation and people. They treated foreigners very well eg Joseph was treated like a master even though he was a slave. When Moses mother afloated him in the river in an ark he was found by Egyptians who took good care of him. It seems, they treated jews very well until Moses grew up, who then became unduly ambitious and began to gather support for becoming a ruler in Egypt against the Pharaoh, as Pharaoh claims according to the quran. When Pharaoh realised that these people have started to trouble him then he too changed and from then on things went down hill for jews.

Finally jews decide to do something about it, so they devise a secret plan whereby they kill Pharaoh and his solders, who were with him at the time, by a trick or trap. These solders were not the whole army, because if they had been an army then jews had no reason to wonder about in desert, for they could have gone back to Egypt and ruled it themselves. The reason the body of Pharaoh was recovered by Egyptian solders was, so that he could be given a proper burial according to Egyptian customs and traditions, for he was a king. They did not think of going after jews, because they escaped during the night and perhaps Pharaoh took a few solders with him to see if he could find out where they might be. Since Moses planed to make it look like as if they were drowned by themselves therefore Egyptians had no reason to go after jews. Moreover they needed to choose another king for themselves, so they had other things to do rather than go after jews. If Egyptians had suspected jews they could have gone after them with the army and would have got them, because they couldn‚€™t have gone very far from Egypt just as yet. So it seems it was Moses who used religion to get what he wanted but he did not succeed so he escaped from Egypt with his supporters. Egyptian civilisation was great and signs of that still puzzle educated people even today ie how the pyramids were raised or how bodies were preserved etc etc.?

If we look into the quranic stories, we will see that prophets challenge their people by saying, do your worst and see if you can bring any harm to us, ie god will save us. Maybe they were challenging chiefs after gathering support of their slaves. Or it shows that people were much more civilised than prophets because provoking people due to their beliefs is not the work of a good person. This clearly shows these people were trouble makers. Another thing one will see in the quran is that, people are not told to follow the example of people who are successful in this life rather they are told to follow those who themselves have been unsuccessful. How do you bring peace, progress and prosperity to the world if you do that is beyond understanding. Further more scriptures including the quran dictate promotion of good and demolition of evil even by force where possible but the problem is definition of good and evil, which means different things to different people.

Some may see nothing wrong with the idea but some do. The first thing is that various people have various definitions of good and evil, so you cannot paint everyone with the same brush. For example, hindus are not allowed to eat cows but muslims are. Some religions allow drinking but islam does not. Other religions allow eating pig but islam does not. Now each people are forced by their book to promote their sense of good and evil and as a result we cannot sit together rather we end up fighting with each other over food we eat and clothes we ware. So one has to ask where is any sense in such like religions or religious beliefs about peaceful coexistence? The second thing is that good should be promoted through education and concern for mankind, not through the notion that the might is right. This is important because battles would only destroy the very people who are meant to be saved from evil. It surprises me that people are so concerned about their rituals that they run to their priests for clarification of everything as much as possible in case their acts of worship are void yet they fail to verify the very foundation of their beliefs. What makes a muslim think what he is believing is true but what a hindu believes is wrong or vice versa? It is not enough to believe in existence of god on the basis of assumptions but to really achieve salvation one has to believe in a particular god and follow a particular course of actions, according to religious scriptures. I think, such indoctrination must be stopped or counter acted through proper education if we are going to be good human beings who wish to live in peace and harmony with each other. Moreover only that can remove threat of wars from between various religions or sects etc.